Weekend in London

We arrived in London Luton via EasyJet from Keflavik Airport, Iceland šŸŒŒ last Thursday. Since Atsi was busy, she sent a car to fetch us.

We are staying in Esher, 30 minutes away from the city, and it’s awesome! My sister in law’s place is quite a big and lovely home. Every time I wake up, I feel like Snow White since their backyard is the woods! And behind the woods is actually Her Majesty’s property leading to a garden, so it’s totally safe. Not to mention their neighborhood is quite posh – gated and the houses have names!

Too bad my photos wont upload. I’ll do that when I get home.

We just take the South West Train to London every morning and come back at night. It’s a nice experience.

I just didn’t expect traffic in the city to be so bad! We did the 48 hours The Original Bus Hop On Hop Off Tour. We wanted to do 1 round first then hoho on our places of interest. But no. We haven’t done a full round and we were already freezing. It was almost 4 hours and we haven’t done the last 4 stops of our route. There’s so much road works in London šŸŽ” now. And so much building construction. I guess they’re taking advantage of the off peak tourist season.

We had dinner at Union Square Cafe by Gordon Ramsay last Saturday night. W and I explored London by foot on Sunday. Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square … Covent Garden … And of course we hit Primark! They have more selections in London than Stuttgart. And they’re cheaper too ah.

South West Train šŸ›¤ actually had maintenance work on Sunday, but they had buses for travellers on stand by so as not to hassle anyone. We were delayed by a few minutes but it’s ok. Way better than public transport service in Manila. But we’re kinda at par with traffic so let’s not lose hope that we’ll progress like London soon šŸ˜€


Currently at Paris šŸ—¼ now. Turning in. Good night!


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