The Day I Almost Gave Up on Shopping

It’s our 3rd day here. I just woke up. We shopped all day yesterday! Almost all of Nike’s women’s were 50% off, several at 30. W was able to buy jeans at 7, so I now call him Mr. Fancy Pants! (They cost about 5 digits in Manila)

No wonder Europeans love Michael Kors, because it’s so cheap here. As in! And the nice part is, the store attendants aren’t snobbish! They really attend to you. Even the luxury bags, they don’t care if you ask so many questions and don’t buy. But I did haha just small items since I don’t wanna carry so much around Europe since this is just our first stop. I’m so crushing on my sister-in-law’s calf leather Prada wallet! It’s super nice. We took a photo of me trying to kiss it haha

Several store attendants asked me, “what bag are you looking for?” And “what kind of bag do you like?” I answer, “I like like everything, and I don’t think I can never have enough to look at!” And they smile and show me what they got! I hope they don’t think I’m mainlander haha sorry mean ba?

W and I were talking about how the mainlanders buy so much … But we ended up doing the same. But you know how I’m my husband’s queen. He never let me carry not one shopping bag, so I think hindi kami mukhang mainlander haha

One of the friendlier store attendants asked where I’m from. I said Philippines, then she had the biggest smile and told me she’s from Thailand! I said we’re neighbors and she was so happy. And later on she tells me, “you’re looking for something to bring back home for friends and family right?” I said yes, it’s such a Filipino thing! She said, it’s pretty much the same for all Asian countries.

So we were at the shopping area 11am and ended (because jahe na ako kay Auntie ko) at 6pm!!! I myself couldn’t believe it!

Wait. I was gonna say, I deserved to shop this much haha kasi naman! This is what vaguely happened.

Itinerary is supposed to be:
Layover 6 hours to chill in CDG

But Mla-Sg was delayed! All of us who had connecting flights to Europe were left by our planes. Mas nakakaawa one OFW. He was kinda annoying at first kasi it felt like he wanted SingAir to just send him to Sg agad just because he’s complaining. If only they can do that. But later on I realized time is money for him. So when we got to Changi, W and I were told to rebook our flights… We ran from T2 to Transfer Terminal … Parang 2km ata yun and we were under time pressure with heavy hand carries!

At least we beat all the upset titas to the counter. When they arrived we were almost done rebooking. So it was gonna be Sg-Zurich, Zurich-Stu. No more Paris. The the Sg-Zurich was the spill over for all the left flights. It was so full. No rest talaga. No legroom too. It was like a very cheap airline! Not to mention there was a crying baby that cried 2 solid hours for our Mla-Sg, and the kid who chants “party in the plane” in our Sg-Zurich flight. It was so horrible. I guess it’s time for claims sa insurance agency.

Anyway, yeah. Shopping. It’s so hard when everything there was just so cheap even if in my head I’d use x60 instead of x55 to convert. And then there’s tax refund pa. How nice right?

I just can’t believe how much we shopped that day. My auntie’s car is a Polo WV … 2 door so it was kinda small but kaysa naman kami. When we saw each other again, they’ve already murdered the Hugo Boss store! She and her sister bought several jackets. The car was full of Hugo Boss bags when we got there. So we had to stuff my MKs. Pradas and Coaches pa. Don’t get me wrong. Maraming pabili dun. Not all are mine haha I totally wish!

So yeah, I said it several times after that day that I won’t go shopping anymore. But I was wrong. Our 2nd to the last day in Stuttgart, we just went around walking in the area. Grabe. It’s so difficult to not shop when consintidor lahat ng kamag anak. I bought stuff pa in Hollister, Mango, etc. Geez.

Hay. Life. The good/bad part is, we used cash in majority of it haha so I dunno. I kinda don’t feel the pain but geez, I don’t wanna do accounting anymore!


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