Ash Wednesday: Humility and Patience

Time was really a big issue for us yesterday. I spent my morning waiting. I waited a tad bit long for my Uber (usually less than 3 mins but now it took 10). I waited in traffic (usually 10mins but it took 20). I waited for my doctor (on Wednesdays I don’t usually wait but yesterday doc was late, I waited 1.15 hours).

I got home at almost 2. Neither CMF or I have had lunch. And he had a meeting with a worker at 2! So he was able to eat na at 230, and we got a call pa for ocular.

We were pooped but it was Ash Wednesday. It’s not that we needed to get ashed but we wanted to. It’s a small thing to do to commemorate returning to ashes and being saved by Christ.

Last week, I told CMF I wanted to leave early for the 530 mass, like 330 because our favorite church will surely be full. But he was like, nah, 4 is good. The titas daw wont do novenas and rosary pa. At 430, parking was full. The church was SRO. I hid my phone and searched the mass schedule of another nearby church. 530. Good. We had time. So I told him I wanna hear mass there. He kept on apologizing. A few times I said it’s ok but then later on it was kinda annoying already. I told him not to remind me na. Let’s just move on.

The homily for Ash Wednesday spoke to me about humility. It’s one of the virtues I wanna practice. So I didn’t pick a fight na with W. I avoid the “i told you so” scene as often as I can. Move on na, but really, ladies, you have to agree, it’s so hard to be humble when you’re right diba! 😝

I asked him to drop me off at the chapel so I can reserve seats (Sorry God, I know bawal!) while he hunts for a parking slot. I know he hates that kasi he feels like a driver, but I’m practical and kinda teaching him a lesson hehe Thankfully, the many people outside the church are just tambays, when I went inside it wasn’t even half full. And W was able to park without any waiting.

We did the rosary, novenas and Angelus while waiting for mass. I can’t help but notice the changes and improvements in the church. I reminded W that I wanted to get married there but he just frowned and kinda got pissed off. I said, I just reminded him, not blaming him for not tying the knot there. We used to hear mass there a lot every Saturday before dinner and drinks. Then we shifted to Power Plant.

So Ash Wednesday was a reminder of humility and patience for me. I did a lot of waiting and I required a lot of humility. Aside from asking for forgiveness, giving thanks and glorifying, I ask God for patience. Every time! And every time, He’s gracious enough to make me feel better when i pray, and of course He grants my request of more patience. Ang sarap talaga magdasal!


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