Long Weekend

Happy Chinese New Year!

I had a crazy long weekend. We went to see our barkada April who’s based in Singapore. She, her husband and daughter are here for a week. We went to their pad on Saturday night. Kwento and chismis, catch up galore. We left their place at 430am! JP rode with us and her mom asked for pan de sal since it was early in the morning already! On our way home we passed by early morning joggers, and macho dancers going home after shift (I kid you not haha!) We went to our neighborhood bakery and they bought pan de sal. I really love freshly baked pan de sal. And the smell. Oh dear. We didn’t drink ha, but I think JP was so happy, she asked the manong panadero for a photo. In fairness, mang panadero is photo ready ha!

Photo of Manong Panadero by JP

And because we got home at around 5ish and we couldn’t resist the bite size hot pan de sal, we had a few and dove into bed. Oh, I turned off our ringer since I didn’t want to be disturbed until 1030am hehe we got up at 1130 and freshened up, went to my in law’s and had lunch. We didn’t start til 120pm because my bro in law and his family were late hehe a toddler and baby are a handful!

We spent Sunday dinner at my folks’ … And stayed over. My parents love it when we stay over but they left early like 530am because they had gimmick with their friends. As usual, my super kwentos over dinner, and my mom was hyper again and said the sh*ttest funniest things I cannot share. Then W and I had home work from Doc Debbie haha 😉

We stayed over so we wont have to worry about going home and because the next day was Super Bowl! We watched this morning, and it was kinda boring for me. Or maybe because the Panthers are blah. I don’t like Manning either. Half time … Hmm I like Chris Martin. Bruno … Hmm not a fan. He looks like our old house boy hehe nothing wrong with that and Beyonce, I never really worshiped her. Honestly, those were massive legs. Yikes. I still love Madonna and of course last year’s Katy Perry and the shark!!

We didn’t finish the game anymore. We got ready and headed to UP Town Center. I can’t post photos for security reasons heehee if you knew how violent 2015 was for my family (sorry I can’t blog the events). Anyhoo, this is my 2nd time in UPTC and seriously, I’m disappointed, Ayala. By far the worst Ayala Mall. Layout is so bad. Sobrang sikip. You can’t stop and look at window displays because someone’s sure to bump you sa sobrang narrow ng halls! And the people. Ewan ko ba. Maybe it’s just today but majority of them are bastos! I was walking with my niece and this tour guide with a bunch of Koreans “ex-shooed” us when we weren’t even blocking their way. Idiot. They were the ones blocking the escalator and she cut us, making me let go of my niece’s hand! And when we were at La Lola, there was this group of oldies (I sure hope they’re not UP professors) … One of them seriously kept pushing my chair. Many, many, many times I didn’t count anymore. I had a cup of really hot cappuccino I couldn’t drink because she might push me and I might burn myself. Good thing I was with my in laws so I was a good girl teehee 😇

We ate at Alab. Food is interesting. For Filipino food (which I’m not a fan of) I ate a lot. I’ll probably go back but in the other branch.

UPTC isn’t really my place. Even the escalators are far from each other. I’m really at home in Power Plant and Shangrila.

The breeze has been cool over the weekend. Today was 19.5 according to the news. I can’t wait for 0 and -4 haha I need to prepare!!


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