Grumpy Geography

Once, I argued with a stupid person. She said she’s been to Holland. I was like, “Oh, Netherlands.” She said that’s different. I said Holland is a part of The Netherlands, and for a time, the name Holland was an acceptable name for the entire country, albeit it was a region. She said no, it’s a different country daw in Europe. Naawa naman ako. She had the opportunity to visit a beautiful country, she didn’t even care to get to know its history, culture, etc. She’s still alive. But I mourn for her cognitive process.

Sorry, I’m in a good mood today but I feel like bitchin about geography! So today I was looking around Instagram and I saw this artista post a photo of him that he’s in Helsinki, ICELAND. My goodness. Helsinki is the capital of Finland! Uso yan back in our Nokia days, guys! I’m not sure of the capital of Iceland, but I’m familiar of Keflavik and Reykjavik.

Please, guys, when you travel: Make the most out of it. Enjoy your blessings. Some people don’t have money to travel. The energy to travel. The time to travel. You have it, enjoy and make the most out of it. The world is beautiful. Explore and appreciate it.


PS: i’m seriously imagining how cold it is in Svalbard, Norway. Do you see how high up it is? Try researching Norway (Svalbard, Tromso, etc) it’s very interesting.


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