Oprah Moment

This issue has been dealt with properly but it left me in a really bad mood and my husband in an even more worse mood that he wanted to go back and make this person’s life difficult for a few minutes; but I told him not to and just let it pass. He let it pass nga but he was sooo pissed the entire night until we got home. What to do in case it happens again. Oh dear.

I was set to buy this hand carry travel bag in this department store. W had a meeting in the same mall so I tagged along. We picked a pizza place for his meeting and I snacked with him while waiting for his supplier. When she arrived, I left and headed for the store.

I went to the store and looked around. I found the area of the brand and there was a sales person and she was attending to someone looking around. When the other person left, the SP greeted me and asked what i was looking for. So I asked for the extra large travel bag. She pointed at a different bag, and told me that’s it. I asked if she was sure, because I knew the size of the bag I was looking for and that was too small. SP retracted and said that was their biggest in the store, try Shangrila or Makati because those stores had a boutique. I took the bag and looked at it. The SP called someone else, SP2 and it looked like she was the one in charge for that brand. SP left.

SP2 greeted me. I asked her if she was sure they didn’t have the extra large travel bag. And she said no, they don’t have it anymore. I looked at other brands and she followed me. She was introducing other travel bags that didn’t appeal to me so I said, are you sure you don’t have any here because I called and I was even able to get the price. She asked when I called, I said I don’t remember and she didn’t look convinced that I did so I had to tell her who I asked. I told her my friend’s name – one of their bosses, and she said there really don’t have any.

This was the very rude and frustrating part. Take note that I was in my normal talking voice even though I was so annoyed with her already..
Me: is there anyway you can check with Shang or Makati if they have the extra large travel bag in stock?
SP2: Php 10,500 po yun.
Me: pwede mo ba itanong sa Shangrila or Makati kung meron sila? Kasi Baka pumunta akong Shangrila tapos wala rin pala.
SP2: php 10,500 po yun.
Me: (long pause and really irritated) miss, I don’t care magkano yun. Bibilhin ko nga kaya nga pinapatanong ko sa yo saan meron. I need an extra large travel bag. Baka pwedeng itanong mo nga saan may stock.

She left and went at the back, crouched and looked at some folders. At that moment I took my phone and Vibered my friend because I was so upset already. SP2 was out of my sight for less than 2 minutes then she was back. Wala na daw talaga. I didn’t believe her. Now there was a mom and daughter shopper, and another one looking at their display. I messaged my friend what happened. And she said she’s sorry and pagsasabihan daw nya. I was trying to look at the name plate of SP2 but I didn’t see it. I asked her again, “where did you call?” She said “Shangrila and Makati po”. I said thank you and left. I was so pissed off. I returned to CMF and his supplier. He could tell I was pissed. Kulang na lang kasi usok from my nose!

W said he wanted to go back to that person because what she said was so wrong. I said Kay is dealing with it na, let’s not make ourselves feel bad further. But I was in a really bad mood na talaga. You can’t blame me naman diba.

And guess what, my friend messaged me that they have several kinds in Shangrila! See! Bwisit diba! She even left me a sales person’s name in Shang. And when we got to Shangrila, oh my goodness they had several really nice colors to choose from. Cmon, tapos wala daw. Geez. That SP2 was down right rude and tamad. Carlotta was so nice. And I was right na the sales staff in Shang are way more malambing. The type that they’re so nice they’ll sway you into buying more hehe that’s what every store needs! No hard selling, just plain charisma and charm. Pfft.

SP2 probably thought I was just a poser. Either way, I’m sure all people in sales know that they should attend to all customers, even if they’re just inquiries and not sales yet. Who knows how far those inquiries might go diba. I didn’t look trashy rin naman. I may not have the most expensive and luxurious things but I know how to look classy naman.

And seriously, when I was in Shangrila, how Carlotta attended to me is how everyone in Shang really attends to people. I’ve shopped there several times, and that’s how nice people are in Shang. W said baka kasi marami talagang chawan sa other mall kaya yun.

I was so torn between 2 colors, a darker old rose and ice blue. I was so drawn to the old rose. As in. Good thing I did a mirror check and saw that it was so tita so never mind haha I went to the ice blue and here it is.


When I told my family this story over at dinner, they were at the edge of their seats. And I saw that my Dad was really pissed too. You can always expect my Dad and W to be overprotective of me!

I asked W if I overreacted. Or if what I said was hurtful. He said no, because I was asking her something and she wasn’t answering properly and her answer was insinuating insult. Yes, I felt bad she made it look like I couldn’t afford the bag. Oprah moment? And she made me feel stupid that I was looking for something that they didn’t have instead of helping me out. I didn’t say anything offensive naman of her character too. Actually, I told my friend that’s how the conversation went. And she said that was rude. Rude naman talaga diba. And honestly, not to brag, I’ve bought more expensive bags from Rustans. The php 10,500 is barya lang sa Rustans. So no one should really make a big fuss out of it right? Why me huhu W said he’s never had an issue like that coz he’s full on singkit. Singkit = Chinese = mayaman … But that’s not true for us haha but seriously, he’s gone to posher stores and he’s always accommodated well even if he wears shorts and slippers, he’s still obviously Chinese!

Anyhoo, I’m proud of myself that even if I was almost being insulted, I did not take it out on the person and I didn’t insult her back. It’s her loss too. They have commissions right?


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