Hotteok – Korean Stuffed Pancakes ala me!

Hi! I made hotteok this afternoon! 😊

Hotteok (pronounced ‘hoh-duck’ but I say hote-okay hehe) is Korean stuffed pancake. If I’m not mistaken, the stuffing is cinnamon sugar and bits of peanuts. There are other flavors if I remember correctly. It’s one of the awesome street food we tried in Seoul.

this was in Gangnam, if I’m not mistaken. One cold night waiting for matagal na tao haha 😉

This isn’t the first time I bought an instant hotteok pack and made it. I made a batch a few years back, and it was awesome. I remember Ama had some and she enjoyed it. I love it when she eats a lot of what I cook. Syempre, that’s Ama! Equivalent to royalty status!

This is the new package I got. No English translation. Bahala na!

Ok, so I was lazy to download Google Goggles to translate and jahe to ask Dianne to translate. I searched and my assumptions are correct. Just dissolve the yeast contents in 240ml of 40-45 deg celsius water. I mixed it with the pancake mix and made a dough. I got small pieces and made them into balls, flattened them and stuffed half a teaspoon of the sugar mix. Half a teaspoon! It’s difficult to overstuff because the hotteoks will leak while frying! Some did but it’s ok. It’s still good haha so because I only used a little sugar mix, I was left with a lot so I sprinkled it on the hotteok after 😍

Frying them … I flattened them too but not as much.

Cooling these crispy on the outside, soft and syrupy inside hotteok.

Gah. I had more than 5 pieces a little before dinner. I was so full. But I still had to eat dinner. Kahit konti. I don’t want to skip meals. Why? I’m blessed that I can have these meals while others can’t. So don’t waste your food ok?

W and I really wanna go back to South Korea. There’s still so much places to visit, since we had some issues with itinerary when we got there. We joke around that we need to go back when it’s getting cold so we can make sulit our winter attire 😉❄️

So there. My hotteok! CMF calls it Pattieok 😘


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