One Long Day

CMF and I had a heck of a day! We had our dental appointment in Herrera at 930am. So that meant, we left the house at 830am! Traffic here and there. And Waze is so amazing … It made us go through closed roads! Roar! But it was so accurate with road kills! Ano ba haha


We got to Herrera at 10. I got oral prophylaxis and a little work on a pasta leak on my molar. After 45 mins watching Mr Deeds with my mouth open I was done. CMF took 20mins and we were out of there!

We dropped by Suelas in Jupiter because I need comfy foldable shoes for our plane ride. I’m planning to wear my snow boots already before leaving so I can save space and weight, and just change into my flats when we’re settled na hehe my Suelas are awesome. Their store is nice too. The lady who assisted me (super nagmamadali I didnt get to ask her name but I thanked her) was very nice too. These things have a cute package too. See.




I called my bro and asked where it’s nice to get lunch in his turf (contrary to Google Now, Michael Kors is NOT my brother!), and he said try Ramen Daisho. So we did and their ramens are unique. At Php 375 for the lunch set, we thought it was expensive but when they came out, they were huge and yummy!! No photos but they’re really not bad for the price. Plus plus pluuus, the service is very good. The Japanese owner was there too, assisting customers. That’s one thing you can observe from Japanese business owners. Their staff are very nice because obviously, they are treated well and taught to serve as best as they can. So in return, customers are more often than not nice to them too, and they love their job. Can’t we all be like that? 😊

After lunch, we headed to the bank because CMF asked for an MC. Hi hellos, nice people, yahoo. If all banks were like W’s, we’d all be happy.

We headed home for a while. CMF had to check a delivery and wrote a short transmittal document. In less than 30 mins, we were out of the house with JV. We went to delivery some custom made pieces. Since I don’t drive, CMF asked me to deliver it to the client in my old office building! I saw our old guard and a maintenance personnel I defended before (because some call center agent made her bastos, and when I told the agent what she did wasn’t nice, she shouted at me! I reported it and wrote a complaint to the building admin about it). Hi hellos again. Happy to know they still remember me even if that was like 5 years ago. So I delivered with JV then CMF followed so he can issue a receipt.

We went straight to the chapel. It was 4pm and we were so pooped. But seriously, it was the best rest. An enchanting sanctuary in the middle of the city. It’s nice to sit there and just reflect. We were able to start the rosary and the novena. Then we heard mass. Then healing.




And no, that’s not the end of our day! We drove to Mega Mall because we were hunting the cheap vacuum travel bags. We had dinner then did the shopping/hunting. No wonder, the vacuum bags are no where to be found anymore, because Ace Hardware has the promotional item. Of course it’s a tad bit more expensive. But we’re exploring options. So we bought a pack. Still waiting for the ones I ordered from downtown. Definitely not going for the ones we found in Japan Home.

We also bought el cheapo hand carry leather bag for CMF. He just thought he wanted one. He kinda wants to be fashion for this trip. Why not. 😊

We got home past 930pm. And boy were we pooped. But it was a good day. Aside from all the accomplishments, the highlight was the break we spent in St. Pio. I always look forward to spending time there. It feels so serene.

Stay with me Lord 😊


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