My Top 5 Concerts

My friend posted this on her Facebook wall


CMF and I saw Chicago last night with my folks! It was my Mom’s birthday so the G Sibs got them tickets. The cheapest one lang since we know they’re old na and wala naman crush si Mom sa Chicago so ok lang just to hear them play and not watch too close. Plus, Mom has binoculars haha

The concert was great. Just kinda weird the bassist was trying hard to sound like Peter Cetera. We were joking that Skelan was out of stock last night 😊

Before my best concerts, here are the funny things my Mom said last night:
1. Nako they have to start on time! Zsa zsa Padilla had a concert before and she was so late. Foreigners got mad. Even when she was apologizing the foreigners were shouting back at her.
2. Chicago yung uso nung nililigawan pa lang ako ng daddy nyo!
3. Grabe, Filipinos are so casual sa shows noh? In Europe, semi formal sila. Naka pearls ang mga babae and tie for men (my dad wore khaki pants and she wore a pair of red tita slacks and blouse, naka kitty heels pa!)

Ok. Enough titaness!

Patti Austin in Crowne Plaza
CMF and I saw the dinner concert of Patti Austin 2 years ago I think. She is the best. We strongly believe her vocal prowess is mightier with age! She sang our favorites; All Behind Us Now, If I Believe, Say You Love Me, etc and super amazing — she sang her duets with James Ingram only she sounded so much like James!! I know she had another concert last year but we missed it. We’ll definitely watch again when she comes back.

Stone Temple Pilots in Araneta Coliseum
I love them. My high school self was so happy, well, even the present me. Awesome set list. Scott Weiland was so sensual when he sang what was that song. Basta! Encore was Trippin On A Paper Heart. I really didn’t want that night to end. Seriously. Good thing we saw it, as we all know, Scott recently passed away.

Back Street Boys and New Kids on The Block in Mall of Asia
Oh my teeny bopper heart. Need I say more. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d enjoy NKOTB more! My barkada and I saw it, but we had scattered seats. I sat with Anna and Jello. It was a blast. I left me smitten with Jordan Knight until now… Now!

Evanescence featuring Bush in Araneta Coliseum
We watched this for Bush. Although Evanescence was good too, Amy the vocalist was malat! She still did well. The hipsters don’t know Bush. They were freakin awesome. Gavin Rossdale was such a dilf!! Oh, did I mentioned he climbed up to Lower Box and HE was able to hug me? Yup, he hugged me. He smelled so good. So good. Dilf!

Nine Inch Nails in Araneta Coliseum
Nine Inch Nails and I go way back my geekiness. Remember how midi files were easier to leech and download with a 56k modem? Yes. That era. NIN put on a real good show. Trent Reznor was amazing. Everything on that show was amazing. Araneta was really bumabayo that night!!

I saw a couple more concerts, and we missed out a lot too. But so far, that’s my Top 5 concerts. I wont count the gigs, uhmm more of I can’t count them 😊

I feel bad I never got to watch D’Sound when they’ve been here so many times. Soon. 🎶

Sorry no photos. All in my ancient laptop!


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