When I Almost Sat on Kuya Germs’ Head

Please take no offense on the title. But yes, that almost happened. It was a funny incident for me and him. I don’t know him personally, but cmon, who doesn’t know and respect The Master Showman?
German Moreno recently passed away, and this afternoon he was laid to rest. Sleep sweet, Kuya Germs.

I was turning 16 (I will not disclose the year haha) and for my parents, they had this thing of getting us nice watches when my siblings and I turn 16. Not Rolexes or expensive brands ha. Just nice watches. I think my kuyas still wear theirs until now. I was baduy, I asked for the uso thing in my teen years. The Polo Sport sneakers. In blue. (My mom gave me white ones when I was in college, meron pa pala nun!)

So my folks gave me the cash, and I went to Galleria after school with Candy and Roan. We went around first because it was the Povedan thing to do, then we went to Shoe Salon to get my shoes.

I think he and another manager friend of his was already in the shop when we came in. We looked around then I picked my shoes. I asked for my size and the sales person when to the back room for stocks. I heard someone, most likely it was Kuya Germs, sigh out loud, and I think said he was tired. I was about to sit on the couch when Candy and Roan, and practically everyone else shrieked “ay ay ay wag ka uupo!!!” Something like that. Good thing I did a slow mo almost sitting down and stopped. Maybe it’s because I was fixing my skirt too, I dunno. Anyway, apparently, when Kuya Germs sighed, he laid down on the couch! At the same time, I was about to sit, and his head was right on where I was gonna sit! So when I realized this, I was startled. I probably let out an Oh My God expression. I know I said sorry to him, and then most of us started laughing. His friend was laughing out loud too. Thank God that didn’t really happen or else patay ako! I might have been a blind item for sitting on Kuya Germs’ head in a shoe shop in a mall in Quezon City! I went to TLC in Katipunan afterwards for tutor in geometry and chem, and I told our tutors and my Ateneo friends what happened, and of course they laughed too.

The morning Kuya Germs passed, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno was on ANC. He was talking about the Black Nazarene event in Manila, and then later on he talked about Kuya Germs. It’s true that German Moreno is one of the pillars of the entertainment industry, and almost every local Filipino artist was helped by him. I didn’t know he himself was an actor. I just know of the movie Payaso where he plays a clown. I don’t know the story but I know they always show it on local tv during Holy Week.

I’m not into local movies as much as other people. I only watch the interesting ones or those with artists that I find good. I usually watch movies in Cinema One. My favorites are older films of the 80s and 90s. Don’t ask me for titles, I wouldn’t know but I love seeing those old houses they shoot in. Some say Pinoy movies and tv shows are baduy but of course to each their own. And to those who think it’s jologs, and those who pretend they don’t know That’s Entertainment, GMA Super Show, Sharon Cuneta Show, Eye To Eye, Chika Chika Chicks, Abangangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata, Pablihasa Lalaki or Ober Da Bakod, I just tell them “Kawawa ka naman, wala ba kayong tv noon?” Hehe mean ba? Mas mean sila noh!

Oh man. Total flashback of my childhood enumerating those shows. There’s a few more in my head, like Buddy en Sol, 13 14 15, Tatak Pilipino, etc. Imagine. Just imagine. Kuya Germs made things much more interesting being one of the best talent managers out there.

I often saw him too in Theater Mall every Saturday night before his show. He used to hang out in Kooka Bar I think. I also saw him in some weddings of friends.

So that’s my story of Kuya Germs. Everyone, artists and non showbiz people, speaks highly of him. May he rest in peace.

Oh life. Ups and downs. In the end, we all rest with our Creator. So let’s all be good in thoughts, words and actions. That’s mostly what matters in life methinks.

Good night. I’m so daldal.


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