Personal Space

I value personal space. It’s not because I’m maarte, but because times have changed. But yes, I’m also maarte hehe 🙂

Ever since the era of Nokia phones being stolen, I became really aware and sensitive of my personal space. This was back in 2001; I was in Mega Mall one Sunday with my family for lunch. I had a Benetton cross body bag (the in thing in the 2000’s!) that had a pocket with zipper on the flap. Unfortunately, the flap is locked with velcro and not a zipper or button. I was going up the escalator with my Mom when I felt my bag turn to my side. When I got a hold of it, I checked my stuff and my 3210 was gone! My goodness! This was the time that we didn’t really have phonebook backups yet. I was kinda deadma actually. I just asked my Mom to call Globe and cut my line. She looked at me like I was so kawawa, and she dragged me to Semicon or some sikat 2000’s phone store before to get me a new phone. But I was nursing a broken heart then, I didn’t really care and didn’t really want to be connected just yet (nyeeeh!). Long story short, the next day when I went home, there was a Nokia 3310 on my bed. Thanks Bear! I labs you!

Going back to personal spaces. A few years back, from a birthday holiday somewhere in Asia, CMF and I landed in NAIA and this group of people were kind of noisy and rowdy. I didn’t wanna be near them. They were the type that didn’t have manners or common courtesy. They beat you in lining up, go ahead of you when it’s your turn, stuff like that. When CMF was getting our luggage from the overhead compartment, they just passed by him, not excusing themselves even when they hit him several times. CMF isn’t the slimmest guy but he’s the buffiest (haha!) so the aisle isn’t too spacious with him around. Lining up at Immigration, I was their victim. I was lined up and they were behind us. One of the girls kept hitting me with her stuff. I would turn around and look at her from time to time when she hit me, deadma. Yes, there are really some insensitive people. After N times of hitting me, I dunno if it was hang over from flight or maybe the many times she hit me but I was getting dizzy and annoyed already. One last time, I turned around and confronted her. Not that I’m maarte again, but CMF and I know I’m more decent when I speak in English when I’m upset. I told her that she’s hit me so many times and she hasn’t apologized not once and please give me my personal space. I said it sternly. She was so shocked! Eh di natahimik sya and said sorry. She looked nalugi after that and thank goodness, she really backed off. Like exaggerated backed off from me! Like 2 people space in between us. She’s the idiot not me.

Anyway, this morning I went to my doctor for a check up. I didn’t have enough time to make lunch for CMF and JV his side kick. So we dropped by Jollibee to claim chicken joys from our BPI stash. I was in line after 2 senior citizens. Then later on there was a kid behind me. I was wearing a dress and he’s hit my ass several times. I looked at him several times and he’d just look down. I thought he backed off already but then later on I felt breathing on my left kilikili! I looked behind me and he was there haha was he sniffing my kilikili?! CMF was not in line but as usual overprotective of me. I know he was watching and he knew the kid was kinda annoying me. But he didn’t do anything. He respects me and knows I can handle myself. Before I finished my transaction, I felt the kid’s hair on my kilikili hahaha Gosh that little boy! I had to step aside whilst waiting for a few more things from the counter. CMF asked me if I was okay. I told him that the kid was in my personal space but it’s okay since he was alone and didn’t have a grown up to tell him he was so near me. We watched him and saw that he ordered a sundae. CMF said baka may date. How cute naman.

So there. My kilikili’s personal space story haha



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These are not my images, thanks to those who have them on their own websites. I’m simply sharing them as I think they’re relevant to my thoughts. Again, thanks to the rightful owners of these images.


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