One of The Worst

Early this morning, I was awoken by a very sharp pain in my abdominal area. It happened so fast. Usually, the pain escalates and I have time to do what I can to prevent or stop it. But this morning was so sharp, it had me rolling over and around our bed. I woke up W and of course he was startled. I asked him to help me. He got me water and meds. I drank it but of course it will take minutes. W hurriedly boiled water and put it on our hot compress bag. I stood up and crawled to the rest room. I sat there, I dunno why but that’s one way I deal with pain, try to get it out, – and he gave me my hot pack. I started crying out loud. I was really whining. The pain was so excruciating. Tears were really falling non-stop and running through my cheeks. It didn’t stop there, unfortunately. I felt like throwing up! So I asked for our small plastic basin and gagged a few times. I didn’t throw up though. I felt a little better so I cleaned up. W helped me back in bed and placed my hot pack on my abdominal area. I was still shaking from the pain but it was getting better. Little by little. I was so sweaty but I felt really cold. W hugged me and I was calming down already. My goodness. That was one of my worst.

I’ve had issues with dysmenorrhea since college. I’ve had my share of passing out and crying out loud from extreme pain. I had myself checked and I already had 2 benign dermoid cysts removed from my ovaries. That was 9 years ago. Until now I get severe dysmenorrhea. I was hoping my fertility meds would lessen it but the pain varies per cycle. No trend. Unpredictable.

The end of December will mark the end of us not trying to conceive for the reason that I had my rubella shots 3 months ago. We’re now gonna have a fresh start. I’ll be eating and living healthy, and going to my ob-gyne regularly. It’s going to be a challenge. It might be difficult. But I’m ready. I’m confident that I have served my husband as I should, and now it’s time to build our family.

With the Coming of Jesus, I ask the Holy Family to guide us with this new journey. We’ve taken this road for a while before, and it wasn’t smooth. Now, I am ready to make more sacrifices and try harder. Please help me turn this pain into motivation, that we will soon be able to conceive through Your will and blessing.

I pray for my husband, that he may be more patient with me. That he may continue to inspire me to be a better person and eventually a mother. St. Joseph, please guide him to be a good father like ours. Mama Mary, please bless him with love and protection.

I pray for the others who are also battling infertility. May they never lose hope like us. May they never lose love because it will definitely be the cure to our problem.

Thank you to those who are praying for us too. God bless us all!!!


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