Shrewing Around

I came across this article this morning from George Takei’s Facebook post: it’s about a lady telling us why she refuses to buy cheap clothes even when she’s broke. At first, it sounds so snotty but later on you’ll learn that her reasons are humanitarian.

Recently, a friend of mine were in a conversation with people who also prefer more expensive clothing. Well, they didn’t say that. It was implied but not stated by saying really bad things about wearing local and cheaper clothes (which actually aren’t that cheap) such as H&M, Gap, etc.

I have no idea what happened to these people. They obviously didn’t forget that we don’t ask our parents for support and work for our own, so we live within our means. They’re just more tactless than usual. And there’s really no stopping them. These people seem like they don’t think about what they’re saying anymore. They’re bluntly looking down on people who are in front of them. How nice eh?

I thought I should feel offended but no.
Especially if the people talking like that are like them.
No need to invest in them emotionally.
They’re pretty much useless in the world, and perhaps their existence is just an ego boost for me.

Going back to the article, I once read a similar piece, and there was a comment that kinda made sense. Knowing that that’s the situation, why would you still not support it, if we don’t, won’t we make them go out of work?
My thoughts though, is that work conditions is still the government’s job to monitor. I’m pretty sure there’s a minimum wage requirement for full time jobs. These underpayment and bad working conditions are indeed inhuman and are still for the government to monitor.

I wouldn’t really know though. I’m not an economist nor a political analyst but that’s just my shrewd opinion so don’t hate me for it.


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