Pats in Boots

(Featured image taken by my Dihia from his Euro Trip Spring 2015)

I’m preparing for an awesome winter trip soon. If you know or have worked with me before, you’ll know I always feel cold! So I’m not taking any chances for this trip. I’m expecting between -4 to 8 degrees where I’m going.

I went to Seoul a few years back during autumn, it was between 0 – 8 degrees. If it wasn’t for the sun, I think I’d be frozen haha ❄️
I had all long sleeves and turtle necks, thick socks, beanie, scarves and gloves! I only wore sneakers since we know we were going to do a lot of walking.

I already invested in winter boots a few years back. It was actually a mistake. I was going for rain boots since there were times that I commuted from work to home, and I hated the wet shoe feeling when it rained.

They’re Bogs and they’re quite bulky. But I’ll bring those because, like I said, I’m expecting cold weather (read, SNOW!). There will be a few areas though that won’t have much snow so I thought I’d buy mid calf boots to help with the heat (and because CMF already bought boots hah!).

Exactly a month ago, after our appointment in the embassy, we dropped by H&M to check out winter wear. I saw this brown pair of Wedge Heeled Suede Boots. I fit the size 9, but I didn’t have any socks on. I think I saw a black pair too, about size 8. My mistake was, I didn’t pay much attention that those brown ones are perfect already. I left the store without buying it and giving it another thought.


I went home and studied options online. There isn’t much on H&M anymore, the rest are heeled and ankle level.

So I needed (wanted!) those boots already, the Wedge Heeled Suede Boots in brown. We plotted to head to the H&M Gateway Mall opening in Nov 13 because CMF wants their coat and it was Php 4,499! H&M’s ad said that several items were on sale 40-50% off. When we got there at 9am, there was a long line and we were the 202nd and 203rd! Lucky we didn’t have to wait long in the heat. They opened the mall and let us in at around 930am and yahoo aircon! When they opened the sale, the knitwear was 30 off and nothing else! Displays weren’t even complete – some items in other stores were not there.





So anyway, we went to H&M Mega Mall a few days after and no luck too. It’s sadly difficult to get good service in H&M here in Manila. More often than not, no one is available to assist you, and sometimes their cash register isn’t even manned. They had the boots in Mega Mall but they didn’t have my size. The nice lady at Divided told me to check out the ground floor because they have Divided and H&M shoe displays separated. I showed her the photo and she told me that a lady was looking for the same pair! I told the nice lady that I first saw the boots in Makati but they didn’t have the size I wanted (I thought I wanted the 10). She said that’s what the lady said too! I thanked her and raced with CMF to the ground floor.

On the top shelf, there it was, the Wedge Heeled Suede Boots in brown. I reached for a pair but I couldn’t get them! CMF. Got them for me, but their biggest size is 7! We looked around and of course, no one to assist. The lady with her daughter or sister (they’re both young looking but there was a commanding and caring presence of the elder lady to the younger one) came too. The guard came and assisted them. It seems like they didn’t find their size too so I asked. She said they’re looking for a 6, I handed her the 7 but she didn’t check them. They left. I was still hoping that inch of hope that I could get my boots.

We went back to the upper level and paid for CMF’s boots (yes, he bought a pair we’vebeen hunting too!). Since the cash register lady was nice, we asked her how we can ask about sizes and stocks in different branches. She said the staff in the fitting rooms can do that since they have all the branch numbers and they have a landline there. We went over to the fitting room and they were pointing us to the cash register. So, obviously another unreliable H&M staff, never mind. We left.

In another time, we saw riding boots in Zara Mega Mall. I was considering it but They didn’t have my size. And yes, this was the incident when I left my phone.


Finally, a few days back, we had time to go to Rob Mag. We checked H&M and voila, they had the boots and they had my size. Geez. Of all the stores! I went far pa, eh dito lang pala meron haha

I look forward to warmer European winter days and nights!


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