Silly People, Funky Ears

So today was bank day again. We hit so many banks today, I am pooped! But I have funny kwento

The last time we went to CMF’s main bank branch, we waited for bank certificates. While the nice ladies of BDO were processing it, my ears malfunctioned haha one of them asked CMF for Php 100 to issue the OR. My husband asked how mcuh, she said “sir, Php 100 lang po.” And oh my goodness, I was like, “what?!” Na whisper na nanglaki mata to CMF. and he told me, 100. I sighed in relief, laughed and giggled on my own. I told CMF that I thought I heard the lady say “sir, isang luwalhati po.” What the frack right. We burst out laughing. I hope no one was offended or thought we were laughing at them. I swear. My ears. Funky!

What’s funnier is we had the same errand at the same bank. The lady asked us to sit in the branch manager’s cube to wait. It was taking a while and I was right in front of the aircon feeling colder and colder by the minute. I began mouthing to CMF “I need to pee” and he mouthed back to me “I love you too” I’m like “whaaaat” so I mouthed it again, “I need to pee!” And then he said this time, “I know, I love you too!” And i was like, “whaaaat? Nooo!” So CMF was like “what?” I asked if he even understood what I mouthed. He said “Yes, I love you too b.” (We used to, and now seldomly, call each other “B” short for baby or babe) and I laughed so hard I said “nooooo.” And held both his knees so he bursted out laughing. He’s unexplainably ticklish on his knees. I said “what the frack! I’ve been telling you that I need to pee and you tell me you love me?” At this point Sir Allan the branch manager caught up with us and asked for a few more minutes. Nakakahiya he saw us making landian haha but CMF was quick to ask if they had a restroom I could use. And so there. I did my thing haha

My husband and I have awesome communication skills huh? I miss having hilarious moments with him. I’m really thankful for that.

Longer days ahead in preps for Christmas. Time to show family, friends, colleagues and people in the community that we appreciate them.


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