Thin Line Between Haggling and Insulting

I’m all for saving money and getting what you paid for. I haggle at times but I know when it’s ok but I don’t cross the line because sometimes it comes out as an insult.

I’m renting out my fully furnished pad. Yesterday I got inquiry which I admit was ok but I’m not used to it. The caller was asking how much it is if it’s unfurnished. I said I don’t know because it’s furnished. And then he goes on that some units are sold unfurnished. I said I don’t know, inquire with the developer directly. After the call I was quite annoyed. I’m not pulling out my furniture and fixtures! Haha sorry my annoyance is invalid. Sorry caller. Not your fault. Just not used to it.

Enter effin texter today. My unit is listed for Php 16,000 per month, 1 year minimum contract. This person was asking for Php 10,000 for 3 months! The 3 months haggling is ok. But such price? Might as well text me “EFF YOU!” I’d feel less insulted. Php 16,000 for 3 months is Php 48,000 but of course, if the contract is shorter, the rent increases. But this lady, from conservatively Php 16,000 per month to Php 3,333.33 per month. That’s Php 111.11 per day. Are you crazy? That’s not haggling anymore, that’s INSULTING!

Rule No 1 in social media is, do not disclose your contact number! I found the number connected to a Facebook profile of someone who works for Pilipinas Shell and volunteers for Gawad Kalinga. The account holder and I have 2 common friends.



Anyway, I just really feel bad. We can haggle but please not to the point that it’s insulting. I’m making an honest living. I’m not rich. I don’t splurge on material things, food, anything expensive.

So enough negative vibes.

Moving on …


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