People are Strange

Yep, The Doors called it. People are so strange!

Everyone’s saying it’s so hard to make a living at this day and age, and yet there are still some people who do not go for opportunities that are clearly harmless and 100% income generating! Like our water refilling station. They are 2 blocks away and they deliver water for free. Last week I called for delivery, and they said they’re open til 530pm. Hello. It was 5:20. And with the side car that’s not even 3 minutes for biking. And yesterday, CMF called for delivery and they said they can’t deliver because their staff doesn’t have shoes. Wtf? Ayaw nyo, wag nyo!

I don’t mean to be mean, it’s just the truth but you know how some people just assume how a word is used? This first example I saw on tv. A lady being interviewed on how she wound up resting in the park. She said she was offered a job and was thinking if she was going to grab it. Unless the word has fully evolved, grab still kind of has a negative connotation for me. But if you use it informally, like how a company did (GrabTaxi, GrabCar, etc), then it’s another story right? For me, a job is formal, so don’t grab it. Accept it. I’m so maarte!


And here’s another. I remember this super yabang HR I’m a lawyer from Cebu but my officemates call me chipmunk we had at work before. I detest her for the reason that she was so unprofessional in the sense that she wanted to do everything her old work place was doing even if it was not applicable and won’t work for us. Anyway, we had this conversation about an applicant that never showed up. I will never forget this.

Me: have you heard from the applicant? The head hunter just called me, about 10 minutes ago, she said that he might ask to reschedule his interview.
Chipmunk: no, I just spoke with him and he said he’ll be here.
Me: that’s weird.
We wait …
Me: are you sure he’s coming?
Chipmunk: yes. I told you I just spoke with him.
Me: when did you “just” speak with him? Later that I spoke with the head hunter?
Chipmunk: yesterday morning.
Me: then you didn’t just speak with him.
Chipmunk: no, I just spoke with him.
(At this point I gave up because she just doesn’t get it!)

Can you just!!!


And this happened over the weekend… A good friend of mine, as much as I’m taking it as a joke but I know she’s a fanatic and it’s really affecting her, accused me of getting mad at Aldub haha whuuut?


Isn’t it clear what I’m watching?


I just feel bad that this happens everyday: people put words into others’ mouths! I do it too sometimes, but I’m more careful now. It can cause law suits you know haha but seriously, cmon. What did I do?



I’m not mad at the tandem, I’m annoyed at the people who should be doing work or other important things but don’t because they watch tv and affect and cause inconvenience to other people. Even if it’s not Aldub.

I recall being so annoyed at my mom’s employees before, how they’d watch basketball when they should be working. And in the end my mom has to work late so she can check their output. Bad trip diba. It’s not the show’s fault. In case the viewers don’t know it, it’s their responsibility to watch shows responsibly. The shows are just doing their job. Buti pa sila. I’m guilty of this too but I don’t affect other people since I’m only doing house chores. And before anyone calls me names or whatever because I don’t watch or like Aldub, to each their own. Don’t crucify me for it. I don’t judge people who don’t like rock alternative, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Desperate Housewives, The Walking Dead, Fresh Off the Boat and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few things that I like. And when I find out you guys aren’t into those things I don’t react violently. I even make an effort for you to be introduced to the show or like it. Aldub followers na rin nagsabi na “walang basagan ng trip” etc. Practice what you preach. A lot of you are praising the show for the values they are teaching yet some still act insensitively to others.

Hah! That’s too much for strange people. Basta don’t accuse me of anything, don’t cause me inconvenience, and we’re good.

For the record, once and for all, Alden Richards has been my crush since 2012 — when he came out with that billboard on C5 for Folded and Hung. Ask my CMF. I always check out that billboard and tell him that Alden is just so hot in it! I was so bummed when they had to replace it with Angel Locsin’s ad.

Pahabol. I recall there was this one person who made me sermon like a priest about watching Supernatural! I sure as hell know it’s fiction, I don’t think he realized it, and went on about how so many things are incorrectly done in the show, etc. Duh. It’s a fictional show!!! Baka mas nagdadasal pa nga ako sa yo!


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