I Don’t Sleep, I Dream

Ever since CMF and I started watching The Walking Dead every night in multiple episodes, I’ve been having weird dreams haha (aside from the marathon from Fox Channel)

Well, this one isn’t a dream but one time, W stretched and yawned, and I thought he sounded like a walker so I gasped real loud, and good thing I didn’t smack his face. W was panicking and asked me what was going on. I realised I was half asleep and imagining things haha

Last night, I had several weird dreams. Good I can remember a lot!

So first was, that Ed’s dad is gay. What’s weird is that in my dream, I’ve been seeing his dad around with guys but didn’t think anything of it. But then I see their neighbor, Ces and she tells me that he’s so gay, etc. Weird. Waaay too weird.

Second is that I was in somewhat a nipa hut or so, and that my old boss JW wanted to see me, because he wanted me to work with him again. I was with someone, I don’t remember who, then we were in a small office and we were talking. Man, he put on some weigh. Haha

Next was that I came home and dragged myself to bed. I plopped on my pillow face down, and just slept. Through the night, I heard a knock on my door but I didn’t answer it. The next morning, Mike was at the door, knocking. When I answered it, he asked me, “Alam mo bang nangyari dito?” I said no, and he showed me the door and our hallway – it was all splattered with blood. I figured there were walkers! Wtf!!

Last but not the least, I was face to face with the person who made things very difficult for me in the workplace. I think he was taunting me with something. But I confronted him and said something like, “you’re just probably embarrassed that I caught you in front of the team not working and playing hooky. That’s the truth, isn’t it? You, ***** and *****. The 3 of you barely work, and I reported it. You made and diverted the issue to me.” I have no idea what this dream was all about but I’ve forgiven and I hope this person is more mature now because he is a husband and father. Your machismo wont feed them. You may be good but you were never humble. Humility, honesty and kindness will take you farther than your boastfulness, knowhow and pride.

These dreams, I tell you!

I asked God last night to save me from dreaming of The Walking Dead hehe but still there was a few hints.

Thank you God for watching over us as we sleep. Thank you for letting us rest and recuperate. Please bless the people who have wronged us. Please bless the people I’ve wronged.


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