Petron Value Card

Yesterday was one hectic day that I didn’t plan at all.  Thanks to Petron Value Card!

All I had planned was do some house chores and workout.

Here’s what went down and this is somewhat the complaint letter I sent my friend. I hope it will be attended to soon:

Hi Lee Anne! Thanks so much (sorry ang haba). Here’s the details of yesterday’s PVC incident (September 29 2015):

W and I have been using my dad’s car (*** *** ***) for the past few weeks and got a transmission glitch in *** Hospital and we needed the car towed to my dad’s preferred car shop in Pasig.  W had another meeting so he left the car with my dad and my dad’s staff.  I called PVC as in the card (802-7777) and they referred me to the hotline for towing 459-4735. That call was around 224pm. I was able to give the details (PVC No *** *** *** ***, under *** ***, car plate and make *** *** *** and location *** Pay Parking to Pasig) and they said they will call to confirm/validate the card if I have enough points for free towing.

It was taking so long, more than an hour an a half; I already made several follow up calls and the agents I talked to always said that no one was picking up from the Petron Head Office. I even played the paawa card because my dad is a senior and has a heart condition, baka pwede iprioritize or something because I know how hot it was at 3pm! I told them that we probably have 500+ points because we received a text message from PVC a few days back about it, but of course they said they have to get verification from the Head Office, which we understand.

W was surprised after his meeting that we still haven’t gotten a response from PVC so he called the hotline again and was given the following numbers: 884-0900 Petron Value Card and 886-3175 to 79 to see if we can actually find out what was taking so long for “validation”.  I tried those numbers several times and no one was picking up. So instead of waiting for PVC Towing (it was 4pm already, same time as I messaged you on FB), I called several other towing companies.  When I finally got one towing company to assist, someone from Petron called my dad at around 507pm saying that their tow truck was on the way.  

I just feel really bad that it took almost 3 hours just to validate or ensure us that a tow truck will be able to assist us. Never mind waiting for the actual tow truck, we know the traffic in Manila but almost 3 hours just for validation is really disappointing.

This isn’t the first time this happened. Back in July 17, W and I called the PVC Hotline too for towing from North Greenhills to San Juan (his *** *** *** was having clutch issues if I remember correctly). It also took quite a while for PVC to respond for validation of the card.  They were able to return our call when another tow truck we’ve called was already in the vicinity.

Ibero Asistencia

Tow truck from July 17 2015 (not included in my message to Lee Anne)

I hope you can help clarify these issues.  We’re just very disappointed and feel that these incidents weren’t attended to properly.  We’re happy it wasn’t so much of an emergency situation but that kind of wait time was such a disrespect to us.

W can be reached through his mobile ********* or email ********* for any feedback.

Thanks so much Lee Anne!!

Ay, que horror eh? Also, my dad’s insurance agent, Chottie Tatco said that the car’s insurance has free towing. This agent was so much help (sarcasm) that he didn’t have the number of the insurance company! I had to search it online.  Anyway, so he gave Pyramid Insurance (pangalan pa lang!) aka Plaridel Insurance. If you search in Google for Plaridel Insurance, you’ll see my 1 star review for them. I swear to cow, how can someone laugh at a client? Department Head pa daw yung kausap ko ha. Good thing I forgot your name but whatever, God bless you.  I hope when you ask for someone’s help you won’t be laughed at, because it sucks and I hope you never feel that way.

Oh so negative. At least I cooked an awesome healthy meal last night and the CMF approved. My bro posted a photo of him after fetching dad from all the hullabaloo — he said he thought they were just gonna have late dinner but my dad ordered a bucket! Not chicken! A bucket of ice cold beer. The guys deserve it.  So I was thinking, what the heck is my reward? I was dreaming of a Magnum Classic.  But we still had a little lansones in the fridge, so we had that instead. Healthier option. Ack.  But it was good. Hurray!

I’m grateful that after all that my dad has been through, he’s still ok to run some errands for family. Always pray for good health and happiness, guys!

I always pray for my husband, family and friends; especially those who are sick and need more prayers. I pray for good health, happiness and protection from all evil. Don’t forget that God loves us so much; He knows all things and can do all things. Keep your faith strong and radiate it.

(PS: In fairness to the Petron Value Card people who answered our call, all of them were courteous and nice even if I’m makulit. The issue is really the long wait for verification.)


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