Rubbery 3 Months

The first time I heard the word condoms was when I was a kid and Beverly Hills 90210 was shown in ABC CBN every Friday night. They had a recurring preview of an episode where Mrs. Walsh (twins Brenda and Brandon’s mom) always said “Condoms aren’t just the answer.” I had no idea what the question was. I had no idea what condoms were!



Fast forward to my teen years… I used to see. Condoms in drugstores and convenience stores. They’re usually positioned by the cashier. Not sure why but I thought it’s so it’s readily available when you change your mind that you need a pack before checking out or to save you less embarrassment of going around the store with it. Until I was working, I noticed that this was where condoms were found when you think you need them.

Another fast forward to the millennial years… After 2.5 years married and a year of trying to conceive, I had my rubella vaccine last Saturday. It’s for me to be immune from measles which is quite a bad sickness to get before and during pregnancy. I cannot get pregnant in the next 3 months. I had the option to go under the pill or use condoms instead but knowing my body, I went for the condoms option instead.

So first stop was Family Mart. No signs of condoms at all. And they only had green tea ice cream, so next!
Mercury Drug Store. I was able to find lubricants but not condoms! I asked the cashier, “Miss saan ang condoms nyo? Hindi na ba uso yun?” Of course I was partly kidding. And she said they were sold over the counter! How embarrassing. Well, I’m married so that’s kind okay but it was awkward since I was not familiar of brands and stuff. And there was quite a crowd at the counter so never mind!
Next stop, 711! Thank God there was some but they were behind the counter too. But at least less awkward. Ahh finally we scored some rubber!
It was so funny when we were driving around the vicinity hunting for condoms, it kinda reminded me of the movie Trojan War (Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt).





So there. Here’s to me not getting pregnant in the next 3 months.

And remember, sex is sacred. It’s God’s gift to husbands and wives. Remain faithful and respect your spouse. God bless us all!


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