More Than A Bobotante

I went to the COMELEC Office of Pasig City Hall last week and all I can say is AWESOME. All the Comelec Officers I came in contact with are smiling and very helpful. All my questions were answered and I was accommodated efficiently. Kuddos to COMELEC and the Pasig City Municipal Hall peeps. You make me a very proud Pasigueno.

While waiting for my turn though (btw, “long lines” here are max of 3 pax — yes believe it or not, and wait time is less than 2 mins!), there was a man ahead of me who got his biometrics done and all. All that’s left was validation from the Comelec Officer and submission of copies of his IDs. Unfortunately, he did not have any. And the conversation between him and the very nice officer broke my heart:

COMELEC Officer: ok na po biometrics nyo sir. Nasan na po yung mga photocopies ng ID nyo?
Kuya: wala akong xerox
CO: sir, kailangan po natin yun para makaboto kayo
Kuya: ayoko bumoto
CO: sir, bakit po kayo nagpabiometrics? (i admire this lady’s patience and respect for her job, and this man)
Kuya: eh sabi magpabiometrics daw eh
CO: sir, kaya po nagpapabiometrics para po makaboto
Kuya: ayoko nga bumoto
CO: (she probably realized she’s not gonna win in this conversation) salamat na lang po sir, next po…

My goodness. That’s all I can say about that.
Good bless this lady.
And God bless and have mercy on this man’s apathy. I hope he realizes (long shot but God will make a way) that despite not having a perfect government, he is given the right to suffrage and his government is protecting his interests, unlike what is happening in Syria.
God bless all the government workers, good and bad. I know there are so many good ones in Pasig than the rotten ones.

Before I say vote wisely, get your biometrics first peeps!! It takes less than 15 mins!!


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