Home Maker Dilemmas

I’ve only been a happy home maker for a few months and I know my rants and dilemmas are nothing to those that my mom, mil and other home maker friends have encountered. I said to myself, I won’t talk about this much but I changed my mind and maybe, somehow, by writing this It won’t bottle up in me anymore.

Laundry. I love laundry but don’t have the means for it here in our humble abode in the sky. So I have it outsourced.

First we tried was Blueman Laundry. I got the flyer from the Admin Office. Of the two times I had them do our load, they lost clothing items twice. On the first one, they lost my beloved H&M dress. Nothing fancy but I like it a lot, W likes it a lot. When I complained and they found it, they sincerely apologized. The laundry man even said “sana magpalaundry pa rin kayo sa min, hindi naman po lagi nangyayari ito. Sana hindi kayo madala.” I felt his sincerity so I had them do next week’s load. A lady picked it up. After two days when my laundry was delivered, I was missing a hanky. It’s just a hanky but still is a part of our load. When I asked for it, the replies were so not nice. Apologies came late when they read my texts that I’m upset. When I checked the laundry list that I made against the list they made, they obviously altered and cheated on theirs. I know I made a mistake marking a pair of socks as 1 piece but still. Also, their flyers say “we do not mixed clothes” but I strongly think they do. If they’ve been losing clothing, it might mean they’re sorting not only the whites from colors. So, forget it Blueman. I even met the guy in the elevator and saved him from the embarrassment when he was plugging his business and no one was minding him. Sad how sometimes our helpers ruins things.



We immediately switched to Lavandera Ko Xavierhills. They’re a few blocks away but they had a good price. Php 28/kilo. Not bad. When I called for pickup, they were here in 20 mins. But the next week that I called, they handed me a price increase flyer. Php 30/kilo. Oh well. Good service. That’s ok. For a few months it was all good. Until 2 weeks ago, I got an annoying pick up guy. He charged me so much for 2 towels (1 regular, 1 small gym towel). I asked other delivery guys if I should separate towels, and they said if it was only 2 pieces, they allow it to be with your load. This annoying guy charged me Php 70/kilo for the towels. That was more than twice of a whole kilo of normal clothing items. So I let that pass, he was just doing his job. Last week, I noticed I had all my leggings in the hamper. So I called for pick up and said I have a kilo for rush (additional Php 10/kilo) and the rest is normal. I even labelled the bags and separated them. I put those also in my list. The delivery guy asked what time I needed my laundry the next day, I said 4pm. The next day at 4pm, I called for delivery. Every 30 mins I called to follow up. It was already 6pm and they haven’t delivered. I called them and said deliver tomorrow as I need to leave already. And again they said the laundry is on the way already. I had no choice but to stay home. Pfft. Laundry got here at almost 7pm with very wrong instructions. First, all of the load was delivered when I only asked for the leggings. Then, they returned 2 foot rugs and my towels (1 reg and the gym towel) with and embarrassing note for staff that said “may basahan, wag gawin” and then another note for me “we do not wash rags”. The pick up guy shouldn’t have accepted my foot rugs then. And they should have called me about it. And of course, they didn’t wash my towels. Those are towels not rags, idiots! This delivery really threw me off. Nagcancel na nga ako ng lakad, sh!t pa trabaho nyo. Out of the goodness of my heart, I asked the guy how much I owe him. He said Php 140. I said this was rushed to I’ll pay for all as rush, php 200. He declined and said it was just Php 140. I gave him Php 200 and he gave me change. I didn’t want the delivery guys to pay for my extra. It might be a small amount for me but of course, that could be their fare going home or so. I don’t want to feel that guilt.

The next pick up was even more frustrating. I called at 9am and they picked up at almost 12. After weighing my laundry, the guy then tells me this will be delivered on Friday. But it was only Tuesday! The guy said I should call the shop. I said it’s ok anyway. Majority of my load was beddings which I didn’t need until the next week. He insisted that I called and I said it was ok. I had the feeling that there was an issue because of my last payment. It shouldn’t be an issue because their delivery guy was the one who insisted even after I explained. The delivery guy asked me what time I need my laundry delivered on Friday, I said morning. 9 was fine. He agreed and wrote it down. On Friday, I called at 830am and I said I had items for pick up too. Laundry came at 2pm! And no weighing scale for my pick up. The guy said he’ll be back. But I didn’t count on it anymore and good thing he didn’t come back because I didn’t want Lavandera Ko to do my laundry anymore. Forget it. If they didn’t have the decency and professionalism to inform me of things, they don’t deserve my business. That was a major hint already, and seriously, DUCK YOU LAVANDERA KO XAVIERHILLS. Grow some balls.

We’re back to our original laundry place in the street. I hope they don’t screw things up. They already did before, I hope they’ve reached their quota. They were the ones who lost W’s slacks 4 days before our wedding! But the next day, before we were set on having a new pair done, they found it! Whew!

Right now, I’m so particular with keeping our place dust free. It’s not gonna happen, I know, with the construction sites a few blocks down but we can minimize it. I’m looking into buying an air humidifier (because a purifier will set me back Php 15k minimum) and I’ve asked W to check with suppliers for nice roll down screens because we can have a fixed screen on our window, as per our condo’s rules and regulations. W isn’t convinced though and he’s been so busy. But I’m the queen of my castle so I’ll just pull off some drama soon or something haha

We have a small home but that’s ok. It’s not perfect but we worked hard for this. Thank you Lord, this home is comfortable enough. Thank you for helping us make it a happy home.


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