Working Out

The only thing I need now is to eat healthier.


W and I worked on our biceps. As usual, he took the lead on the workouts for biceps, while I took the lead on abs for cool down. We played around with the stability balls. He did a great job with it. Me, not so much. My back can’t support my body for the workouts. So I just did the traditional crunches on the stability ball and planks. Still not bad. Burns right through you.


I worked out with Coach Mark. It was leg day. But before massive leg workouts, I did obliques but throwing and catching the 4lbs med ball against the wall. Then we did legs and gulp, he made me do push ups haha


We decided to swim in the afternoon instead of hitting the gym. I did 8 laps of breast stroke in our 30m pool. Not so bad. I can barely last 2 laps before. This was the best damn feeling so far! It’s like conquering your fear. A tad bit the same feeling when I swore I’ll try to do leg raises in the gym on that bar. And I did. I know it’s so shallow but I’m really happy since I can only dream of those things before and now I can do them.

Thank God it didn’t rain during the day. But the lightning, thunder and rain come night time was very scary.


W and I worked on our shoulders. I think I’m improving. W would always say I have the right form yadda yadda hurray we also talked that I should do my own workouts too as some of his aren’t suitable for my body type. I’ll be leading leg and abs hehe he’ll lead biceps, triceps, shoulders and maybe back.

We did ab cool down upstairs with the stability balls. Coach Mark saw us and was laughing and teasing us because we were like boyfriend girlfriend on a gym date haha well, it kinda felt like it.

If you don’t work out, I suggest you do. It’s all positive for me when I work out. And I keep thinking, at least I can tell God I didn’t abuse the body He lent me … I took care of it as it is my own. Thank you God for my body. It’s not perfect but without it, I wouldn’t have done anything for You.


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