Waiting Game

I have an hour to kill…

So I have so much thoughts in my head that I haven’t made public. Here goes…

I thought I’d be really bored after quitting my job but there’s always something to do every day. I love doing house chores. I’m enjoying cooking and cleaning up the house. Cleaning up the house. My goodness! I have a few square meters to worry about yet it’s tough on my back and it makes me sweat a lot! It’s really fun though. I didn’t know owning and keeping your own home feels this fulfilling and exciting. It’s like, you really have to be responsible otherwise you’ll end up with a dirty home. I can say I’m a happy home maker. But not on paper, I still get discriminated when people find out I’m a stay at home, ex IT PM. That’s a different thing.

I’m passing time now in the common area. I imagine a lot of students come here in the afternoon or after dinner. I don’t really know the protocol here … Can they play soft music while studying, etc. And then I got to thinking, back in my studying days, there aren’t really weird artists that you wouldn’t wanna hear. Like for example, I can play, maybe Mariah Carey, Live, Lenny Kravitz or Puff Daddy and people won’t be annoyed or shush me up. Right now, I can’t name a line of artists that people won’t be annoyed to listen to or does not have a scandal attached to it. I miss the 90s and its great music.

I’m excited to travel again. But I have to admit, I haven’t done any long haul traveling so I’m kinda scared. The longest plane ride for me was 4 or 5 hours I think. I’m excited for a 12+ flight haha I checked my plane and it has video on demand. Thank God! I’m dreading the cold but I know I’m always prepared heheh



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