Dear Baguio…

Dear Baguio,

It’s been so long since I last visited you with family.
It’s been a few years since I last visited you with friends.
There have been so many changes, and some things didn’t change. Both brought back memories of my childhood vacations in your beautiful city.
The people are the same, friendly and proud of their hometown. It looks like business has been good, there are a lot of new places to visit and a lot of new restaurants to try.
I’m just a bit bummed (but maybe not as much as you are) that you now have an SM Mall.
I was quite bummed too that traffic is similar to Manila’s! But I’m happy it’s not because of driver error or accidents, but more of road improvements. Hurray for that.
I love that there’s more artistic touch now because of BenCab Museum. But that was the worst traffic – sorry Mr. Cabrera , we weren’t able to appreciate your work anymore. We were too tired and hungry from the more than an hour traffic outside your place. But I have to complement you that your food is awesome. And I know it’s not because we were super hungry.
I love Mines View Park even more now that I’m a little grown up. I used to shop there for sterling silver but last weekend I was so amazed and excited of the woven kitchen towels I bought. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more local products – like blankets and knitted sweats. I will come back for those!
Your night market is crazy and I love it! I normally don’t like crowds, but this one I really appreciated. And the food stalls at the end of the road – I love it. I could hang out all night!
Session Road will always be the same. It holds memories of how my very shy husband mustered strength to woo me. Session Road will always be in my heart and mind because of this and so many more memories from my childhood.
A long weekend is still short for your lovely city.
I will come back. Soon.



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