Not so May Day Eve

Wow it’s been a while! I’ve been preoccupied. What have I been doing?

1. Wedding album editing
2. Cooking our meals here and there
3. Errands, mostly phone calls for W
4. Working out! Gonna get PT time again soon with Coach Mark!

We also went to our friends’ Chinese Engagement. Saw the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. And went to the dentist because W had a tooth emergency. I’ve been playing several games on my ipad too.

Here are a few things I cooked for the past weeks.


Haemul pajeon ... Korean seafood pancake!

So timely that Sam Oh posted her awesome cabbage jeon a few days after I made this. I’m so gonna try it — it sounds so perfect to snack on. We finally got to use Mommy E’s pancake pan! It’s not so bad as the reviews in Amazon šŸ™‚


Baked tofu in peanut sauce with cauliflower rice

Sorry I just grabbed that from W’s instagram hehe since I cooked, I got tired and tamad for photo ops. So CMF can do the eating and the documentation hehe

I know I said in my previous post that I wont buy anything unnecessary but … it’s W’s fault! Haha yeah, we did a couple of trips in M&S and H&M… We’re only human but now that we need to spend on W’s tooth emergency, looks like we’re really gonna tighten our belt for the meantime. (That and I better look for online racket!)

Gym’s been treating me well. I’ve been seeing results too for the past 2 weeks. Apparently, 2 – 3pm is like holy hour in Platinum … not much or no people work out. Few exceptions are PTs.

It’s been hot but it’s been fun staying at home. Which reminds me, I have to set an appointment with Doc Debbie 2 weeks from now. I hope it won’t be as hot but I hope it doesn’t rain too much already.

Parental units will be back from vacay next week! Not waiting for pasalubong, just miss them a lot! I dreamt of them last night haha

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