Bored, Brown Out Thoughts

I think it’s been 3 weeks since my folks and one of my elder brothers have been away for a long vacation. They’ll be back mid May. My my, it’s gonna be a while more.

I’ve been married and away from my family towards the end of December 2012. I try to make it appoint to visit our home and my family every week.

When I was still working, I’d call my Dad whenever I was on my restroom break. I call my Mom a lot too. Text and all. Now that they’re away and on different time zone, it’s kinda difficult. Most especially when I don’t have chores at home or errands out. Oh yeah, I have no parents in law too at the moment, so it’s really quiet at home. CMF has been busy for a while too. And right now, there’s no power because of that weird rain storm, I’m so bored with nothing to do at all.

I’ve been texting my kuya and younger bro. Mike is at work so he’s not replying. Kuya is probably busy too. And then I think of texting Diko but he’s all the way in Europe right now. I’m soooo bored! At least it’s not that hot. There’s still some cool breeze left from the rain.

I dare not go to the gym. I’ll work out a bit na lang later here. It’s so dark so I’m too lazy to pack up and dress up. I’ve already cancelled my engagements this afternoon and won’t do my errands until tomorrow.

I hope we have power back soon. Cmon.


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