Money and Life

It’s a fact that we need money to live. I’ve left my full time job as Project Manager for IT and Marketing exactly a week ago.  I no longer have a steady income, except for a few minor investments. I read somewhere that “if you’re not earning right this minute, you’re spending”.  I think it’s about right.

I had a little time today (obviously because I’m writing!) and I came across Chuvaness’ article on the Hsieh Family tragedy early this year I also read a few of the comments.  Some of her readers shared experiences of losing money. But yes, it was so sad for the Hsieh Family that they had to end their lives because of financial issues.

I’ve had my share of working hard for money but I was scammed by those who promised to work with me.  It’s been almost 5 years. I was so pissed at what happened.  I poured my heart and soul into that business only to find out in a month that the people I worked with were not as honest to me as I was with them. Of course, I was angry the first few months. So angry because almost all of my family was involved in supporting me and that business. I had to pray so hard. I soul searched and I really had to dig deep within my faith that it happened to me to learn something. And I did. And what came to me after it was way better than I expected. And I was able to prove those people wrong.

There were also times that people have short-changed me.  But what can I do.  Not all people have the same upbringing and mentality as I do, as I would expect other people. Prayer, patience and walk away?  I always remember the karma’s a bitch and sometimes there’s karma express! Haha I know I’m mean! But it makes me do less evil to others, just to myself. I’m so sorry!

So I shall not buy anything not important or needed in the next few months. If I can’t earn, I will save.

Thank you Lord for today.  New experiences. New people. New stories. New hope. New love for you everyday.


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