Less stress but preoccupied

Today was officially Day 1 of my being unemployed and a full time home buddy/manager.

CMF and I were joking around the night before that we should probably do Scrum before bed, so we know each others’ schedule and if we might be able to help out each other with tasks the next day. We talk but don’t Scrum it lol cmon!

I was supposed to go to The Medical City for a check up at 8am, but I felt better on that aspect but was so freakin’ constipated! So W and I did breakfast and hung out for a while. At 9 I felt the need to go, so hurray! My schedule was:

  1. BPI to pay bills
  2. Condo to talk to Admin, change to white sheets and my nice towel
  3. Call the bank
  4. Lunch at home
  5. Bobbi Brown event at Mega Mall
  6. Grocery shopping with W

All of these are walking distance expect the afternoon ones. So I walked to the bank with my backpack of bills and payments and a bag of bedding and towel for the condo. I input my bills in the automated queuing machine of BPI and waited 30 mins. Why? Because the guy teller doing bills kept on making singit so many things. So freaking annoying. The worst part is, when it was my turn, 2 out of 4 bills, he tells me they don’t accept Skycable. I said that was Destiny and it was on their machine so I was able to input it. He said it was only for online payment. And I told him it was on their machine so he should try to find out what the heck is going on. So he came back and still said they don’t accept it. I asked him who the heck is lying, me or the machine. He said he wasn’t saying I was lying but they really don’t accept it. And then he looked at the next bill, PLDT, and asked another teller. The other lady teller came and checked. I thought for a while that it was just a big mistake on the guy teller’s part but really, they don’t accept it. I grabbed the Destiny bill and asked them to process the PLDT. And they said they don’t accept it too. I freaking lost it! I said, “You made me wait 30 minutes for nothing! 30 minutes of my time wasted! Kala mo hindi ko nakita, ang dami mong siningit! You’re a bad person! You’re a very bad person!!!” then I left. What’s so bad is that after all that, neither one of the 2 tellers apologised! I clearly didn’t make the mistake, it was still on their machine so I was able to input it. I hate banks, really.

So I walked to the condo and the guard doesn’t know me. It’s ok because I don’t really go there often. But this one was asking where I was going and I said my unit numbers. And he was still following me. I told him I’m the unit owner and headed towards the Admin Office.

I went upstairs and boy did my stomach hurt! I went again and sat for a while. I changed the sheets and hung my nice towel. See!


Elefunk towel from H&M Home

I walked over to Save More and saw the line to bills payment was 4 people already but it was closed. I talked to the Customer Service lady and she said they will be open in 10 minutes, the lady in bills payment just went to the bank.  I played Space Invaders while waiting in line.

I went back home and called the bank. So there! My morning was done. Minus the BPI shizz, I think I did well.  Hmm actually I did very well. I was annoyed but I didn’t use bad words. Hurray for me!

W and Ahia were home for lunch. I rested after eating and showered. W says he still has paper work to do so I got an Uber na lang going to Mega Mall.  And guess what!  My Uber was a lady! She is driving her own Fortuner and has a car rental business too.  She drives Uber to pass time (obviously she’s quite well off). And she drives very well and careful. I was telling her W said that should inspire me enough haha yeah but you know I’m just too scared and tamad at the same time to drive in Metro Manila traffic.

It was a very pleasant ride. She dropped me off in Mega Mall and I hurriedly walked to the Atrium for the Bobbi Brown event. They served the cucumber lemonade and pink lemonade! JP came with Tita Mabel, and it was nice catching up with them.  I had my lip and cheek tutorial after they left.


Awesome techniques from Felix Nguyen. He's amazing!


I bought me the Brownie lippie!

I went to Marks and Spencer after to get W’d boxers but they didn’t have his size anymore. But they’re still expensive even after the American Express discount. Oh well.

W fetched me and we went to SM Hypermart in Cubao.  My back was aching already but we still did the groceries. We did dinner at home so we can save money! Good thing our new helper Sonia is nice.

Thank you Lord for this first day of not working for anyone else except you.  It was a tiring day but it was fruitful.  I’m sorry I got mad in the bank. I feel so bad but I hope that shook them up a bit to do better.


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