One Last Wish

On the way home tonight, I was thinking of my last wishes before I end my tenure at work.

What I thought of was so weird haha well not really.

I told W that in my remaining days, I would love to get into an Uber with a lady driver. I was just thinking about it if there are any, and during International Women’s Day, they sent an email about Uber lady drivers.


Even if it’s not Aileen, basta lady driver! I think I’ll get the feeling that I’m just riding with a friend or my cousin! I’m imagining chatting about the latest showbiz chika, make up, hot celebrities, chick flicks and stuff.

So if there’s an Uber genie out there who can grant my wish! Haha who knows! Babaw ko ba? I’m just fun and not hard to please 😊

Oh, and if you’re new to Uber, my promo code is patriciac141. You can enter that promocode and we’ll both have free credits. Php 100 now I think. That’s a generous amount off our fares, trust me 😊


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