Dont Make Me Famous

I don’t ever want to be famous!! At least that’s what I learned over the weekend. Never. Ever.

I joined CMF in Davao for a business trip. Left Manila on Friday late afternoon, back to Manila Sunday afternoon (yes, I missed the race. Saaad).

In NAIA 2, we already saw the basketball team Talk N Text. I didn’t know any of them but when we landed in Dvo, they were there too. Apparently, their plane was delayed and we were only minutes apart. In Dvo International Airport, a handful of people asked Alapag if they can have a photo. At least I know Alapag. He’s the key athlete who helped us play the best games in Spain (note that when I say best, it does not necessarily mean win).

When we got out of the airport there were a lot of fans already. In fairness, they’re nice. They crowd with each other but no pushing and not much noise. They also have space in between each other. One of the reasons why I LOVE DAVAO = awesome people 🙂 so like I said in social media, I probably photo bombed a lot. Sorry guys. Not my intention.

We took a cab to Seda Hotel. It’s right beside Abreeza Mall so yay! We were chatting with our cab driver and he said it’s Araw Ng Dabaw so there were a lot of festivities. Did I mention, their sale is massive!


We checked in and freshened up. We went down to cross to the mall and then we noticed there were a lot of soldiers outside the hotel. Then came a few police motorcycles. Then several vans. Darn. The basketball players are staying here!

It was only when we came back from dinner that we realised it was a different team staying in Seda: Purefoods. So yikes, the event is bigger than we thought. Up in our room in the 8th floor, we tried to settle in. Rested for a bit before our shower. But the neighbors were kinda noisy. Oddly, it was just their normal talking voices but they seemed amplified. The kid was cheering DEFENSE and the dad was sadly singing… CMF looked around and saw a massive crack at the corner of our room. It seemed that the sound was coming through it. Seda management was nice enough to transfer us.

I was worried that there will be more fans around the next day. CMF told me to just wear my sun glasses and they wont mind me. The next morning for breakfast, I wore what I call my foreskin shirt haha check it out


I wore my sun glasses all breakfast and CMF was right.

He had to leave for the farm at 9am. So I was left alone. I worked out in the small gym. The night before, CMF and I already did an ocular and saw that it’s so small the players wont work out there!

I intentionally took my time pampering in the shower so I can go to the mall for late lunch. Going down the elevator I was with the players. So yey. Walking to the mall too. Nice people greeting them and asking permission for a photo and autograph. Nice.

After late lunch, shopping and window shopping, I decided to go back to the hotel to catch some sun beside the pool. I couldn’t believe the crowd around the hotel. In fairness again, all I had to do was excuse myself and they all moved aside to let me through. A little more and the soldiers saw me and greeted me. I was so happy these fans are nice. I thanked them and apologised for the hassle.

I dressed for the pool. I took some “work” for me to handle. My headset and trusty sun glasses. On the elevator I was the needle in a haystack of basketball players. Sun glasses did the trick again, thank you.

Towards the ground floor, it was getting noisy. The doors opened and there was a big cheer. It was awkward for me. So I just sneaked behind the players and went straight to the pool. I opened the door to the pool and heard more cheers. The construction site beside the pool had 3 storeys of workers, obviously basketball fans! No way I was gonna lay out with them there. That moment I felt the hilarity of the situation. I was looking forward to a nice quiet weekend but it wasn’t gonna happen.

I was laughing. But at the same time, stressed. Pissed. I felt so restricted. I’m not angry at the fans, they’re the best, chillest and politest I’ve honestly been with. They’re not even my fans haha It was just my expectation of the weekend. I never expected that I’d see a lot of people. I could do what I want but just not close enough to what I was dreaming of all week.

I went back up to the room when the team has left and just sat on the bed. Watched tv. I had coffee. Did a little of the work I planned. But I was still stressed. It got me thinking, I’m not famous nor am I a celebrity. I was just beside them and experienced a little of what they go through. I can just imagine the psychological implications. No wonder some famous people don’t handle it well. I’ll pray for them.

So W finally came back from the farm and several warehouse visits. I’ve never been so happy. But really, I know it’s so babaw but I don’t think I can handle fame.

I just want to be quiet and private. With my family. Friends. People I trust. I keep this blog for myself and those who want to read. I don’t even divulge much personal info here.

I’ll be praying for those who are always under the lime light.may they handle stress better than they can 🙂

PS: International singer Charice Pempengco was across our table for breakfast Sunday morning. No more players since we went down late 🙂


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