Of Make Up Samples

I’ve been so landi recently hehe

Yesterday, I was with my parents in Rob Mag and we were looking for a gift for my mom’s friend’s mom (still there? Haha). Mom and I came across Faceshop and were were just looking around and she saw the BB creams. I asked if she uses one and she said no. One of her gay friends daw told her she should. So hurray. I convinced her to try it and she liked the FS naman.

My mom’s also the only girl of 4. She was never really the make up kind of girl but she always told me when I was in college that I should wear a little lip gloss and put a little blush because I’m too pale!

So we went around FS some more and I think the sales lady remembers me pa since CMF and I bought a lot of Christmas give aways there. I was sampling stuff and ended up paying Php 2k+ hehe


The Theraphy sample pack and smaller samples of White Seed

We got a free trial pack of The Therapy. I asked baka pwede 2 since 2 kami ni mom. It was only for Php 2k purchase lang daw. But later on the sales lady gave us 2 small give away packs hehe see, so it pays to be nice!


From Beauty Bar and Faceshop hehe

A few weeks back, I bought a Clinique eye concealer in Rustans Essence in Power Plant. It costs less than Php 1.5k. Out of nowhere I asked if there were any free samples for that day and the Clinique lady asked for my skin type. She gave me 2 small sample bottles, 1 is a cleansing foam which I already have and use (I’ll use this small bottle for travel!) and 1 is a moisturizer. She even said she was gonna let me try their eye cream. I told her I just bought one in Rustans Shang last week. Then it hit me, that was worth more than twice haha sayang I didn’t ask for samples. But see, it really pays to be nice!


Because of these samples, you get more sales! I asked my good friend L to buy for me the Dramatically Different Moisturing Gel of Clinique. She has so much connections, she got me the whole 3 Step set of Clinique, only for Php 80 more of the moisturizing gel’s original cost. Plus, she got me pa a sample set of Estee Lauder stuff. Oh, she also gave me her Lauder Eye Repair Cream and Laneige Water Bank! She knows my eyes are kinda struggling now because of last month’s really busy work sked.


Last na. This I’ve been eyeing on. I have been looking for nice mani and pedi sets all over ever since my Mom had a panic attack on mani peds because my tita got psoriasis from unhygenic tools. Check this out:


Earth Thearapeutics Mani + Pedi Deluxe

It’s on sale! 20% off!!

But I will not forget. Beauty comes from within. Invest on a beautiful mind, heart and soul; your face and body will follow! Cheesy but I believe that!

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