Butt Crazy, Sweet Starts

I’ve been married for 2 years and have been with my ex bf and now and forever and ever husband for 10+ years. I’m really rusty on the dating scene but I like intruding when I can haha kidding I like listening to stories of courtship and the like.

It’s almost Valentines Day. Some people are trying to catch up while some people are trying to slow down.

Today. Someone was catching up at work 🙂 I’ve seen guys get tongue tied and stuff. Well, it’s been a while ever since. I think it’s cute 🙂

CMF and I sometimes talk about what ifs and stuff. Most recently, we asked each other what if we weren’t together yet and we just saw each other randomly in a cafe or so. How would you approach me to ask me out? Or convince me to get to know you? I couldn’t answer hehe CMF said he’d say something like “hey, i noticed you from across the room and i really find you interesting. Do you mind if we have coffee and get to know each other more?” That is if I’m alone. But if I were with friends … hmmn I don’t think that approach will work, otherwise my friends and I will just giggle… or worse, make fun of him and take advantage!


How sweet does your first date look like?

I also talked to a male coworker who’s a few years older than me. I asked when is the time when 2 people getting to know each other talk about their ex’s. He said guys don’t really bring it up because the girl might get jealous or something. And it doesn’t really matter to guys (or so my husband says haha) I thought when you’re almost a couple is when ex’s are discussed. Just to see what traits or habits the other one wasn’t able to stand, thus parting ways. And he was like, ah yah. And, I note that whoever asks first is either the jealous one or more interested hehe that makes sense right?

There are just days when finding love is fun. There are some sad or lonely days. Let’s just remember that love isn’t always how we perceive it. Remember that the greatest love story ever told wasn’t such a pretty one for some – when the Father sent his only Son to die on the cross and redeemed the world.

But anyway. Here’s something I’ve been listening to for a few days already. Shotgun! Yes please! Haha from the makers of Moves like Dragen!

Photo from datemypet

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