Pillow Fight!

feature image from purelivingcollection – http://www.purelivingcollection.com/duck-feather-and-down-pillows.html

3 weeks ago I had a very awful stiff neck. So awful that I had to have a warm compress on my neck for 2 days when I was at work! My neck and back have been sensitive for some time now, mainly because I can’t sleep on my back. Why? Blame scolio and sleep apnea.

I asked CMF for neck support pillows for Christmas but I think he thought I was kidding since it wasn’t something I wouldn’t buy for myself. So he got me a Pandora.

Anyway! 2 weeks ago, we went Ronac to check out the high end Uratex stuff they have in there. It was a holiday so we were lucky they were open. We went around and tried out the Pillows. I forgot na what the kinds were called but boy, they’re definitely more affordable than Tempurs and whatever imported brands they have in Rustans.


That’s what I got and that’s the price. It’s working well for me. Less neck strain and definitely less sleep apnea symptoms. Yahoo! CMF and I bought 1 only to try it out. Of course we need to spend wisely. Remember, if you’re not earning this minute, you’re spending so spend wisely!

Last week at S&R, CMF saw the Martha Stewart Contour pillow at Php 899. He texted me if he should get it since it’s cheaper and bigger than my Uratex one. I said yeah because of those 2 points. And at least we have a comparison.


This one’s a little firmer than mine. He used this and I noticed that his snore is a tad bit more quiet and lessened. Hehe not bad. He actually felt awkward on the first night, so we traded the next night and then he decided he likes the Martha.

So yahoo we now have our pillows. No need to spend min Php 7,000 for Tempurs. I just hope these last long. I know the Uratex will less likely run out since it’s local. Just worried the Martha might not be available na in the event that he wants to buy a new one.

So good night. Sleep night. Don’t forget to pray for today, no matter how good or bad it was for you. God bless us all.


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