Home (sick)

CMF and I are sleeping in the condo tonight. I haven’t been feeling well much. Last night I slept so early because I had a really bad migraine. I woke up early even if it’s Saturday because we had a project to finish. I was so dizzy when I woke up. I couldn’t shower. Apparently, I had fever. I felt so bad I couldn’t come in and help the devs. I just worked from home.

C cooked dinner. He made spinach with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts, spaghettini in mushroom and truffle cream sauce, really awesome Mamou-ish steak and cucumber lemon brewed cold tea. Of course it was awesome! I’m happy he enjoys cooking as much as he likes eating.

It’s a pretty breezy and cold night. Here’s the view from the window near our bed.


Greenhills/San Juan area ... houses and new condos


Granada/Ortigas Ext night traffic

It’s amazing up here.

We’ll have dinner with my family tomorrow. We go to my parents’ house every Sunday for either dinner or lunch and hang out with my rents and siblings. It’s funny how I still get home sick after all this time and when we weren’t usually super close when we were all at home. I miss home when I’m sick. Mom usually checks up on me and gives me Milo. When i have cough, she puts vaporub on my feet and puts on socks so I wont cough while sleeping.

C hasn’t been so busy recently going to job sites. It’s mostly paper work so he has more time to look after me and even fetch me from work.  He said take advantage na daw before his projects are on full swing next month.

Thank you God, for these shelters I consider home while others don’t have a comfortable roof over their heads. May they find home soon. Thank you God for the food we’ve shared, for nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. Thank you God, for family. I learned to love because of them.

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