Faceshop Flebote White Crystal Luxury Eye Serum

Why is trial and error so expensive sometimes? Haha

For a few years now, I’ve been using Faceshop Rice Water stuff and it’s been great. I think the term is “hiyang” when your skin is used to a product. I only use the foam wash and eye/lip make up remover, and most recently from my Taipei trip, the cleansing water. The store attendant even gave me a free tumbler of this Korean guy. Language barrier but we smiled at each other the whole time. I bought my latest loot in Taipei since sometimes they don’t have stocks here in Manila. My 2nd to the last loot was bought in Seoul. But I was at Faceshop recently and I saw they have my goods so yay! Because magtitipid kami, and I’ll try to resist temptation to travel out of the country (as in gastos!). Wow. Looong intro.


So my skin is good with Faceshop Rice Water prods. And I thought at my age (yikes) I need to continue to take care of my eye area since I’ve been using eye make up more often. I checked Clinique and of course, the eye cream is expensive. Around 3k or so when we checked in Aura. So I tried Faceshop, and they have Faceshop Flebote White Crystal Luxury Eye Serum. It’s supposed to focus on brightening dark eye circles and lessening lines. Since my aren’t so fine yet, this seemed like a good product to try with a price tag of Php 1,450.



Saaad. I used it day and night. Lightly patted by my ring finger. It makes my eye area a tad bit shiny. But 2 weeks of using it, with good amounts of rest and even naps in between, I noticed my dark circles are darker 😔 and I think My lines are finer 😤 what the heck!!! when my mom saw me, she got so worried that I might be sick or something. Oh well. So much for my Faceshop Flebote White Crystal Luxury Eye Serum trial. I’ll check with Vanna if she wants to try and and she can have it.

So I’m still searching what new eye cream I can use. That or I’ll use my old Ponds Age Miracle Dual Action Eye Cream. Oh well.


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