Catching up with Myself

Hehe yep. Not that I’m self centered but I’m just checking what have I been up to.

Hmm so since the start of the year I hung out with CMF and our families a lot. We had lunch on the First Friday with W’s cousins from Temecula, California. We went around SM Aura for a while. Visited the St. Pedro Calunsod Chapel also. We then had coffee and snacks at Paul near my office. It’s nice to just hang out with the folks.

Back to work on Monday. W was dreading the day. He said he really got used to the idea of hanging out with me from the moment we woke up and the moment we slept. I wasn’t expecting to be busy yet. i was expecting a shitty Tuesday but I think we handled things well. Cary and I did well haha

I’ve had an awful stiff neck since the start of the week and it kinda worsened to a full blown back ache on Tuesday. Come Thursday morning I felt so weak. I told W I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home. I monitored my emails and did work in the morning. It was also that time that I found out I had fever! W was telling me I was burning up! No wonder. I took a nap and when I woke up, internet was out. So I guess it was really time to rest.

Friday was funny. I was making my Dad kulit to name his new puppylabs Robb Stark and Jon Snow. Mom had an opportunity to talk to me so she told on my Dad… How he’s been sneaking behind her back to buy a motorcycle. It’s a big no no. I don’t think it’s safe. So Mom says that’s my mission. To stop Dad from getting a motorbike. Imagine both of them texting me simultaneously. Super kulit!! To shush my Dad I texted him that I wont give him grand kids if he buys a bike. 😝 of course that was a joke.

So what have I been into recently? Well, like i said in my Tweets, this will be a year of sacrifice and selflessness. W and i have a little saved up so we think it’s time to put them into a few more investments. So I’ve been busy with that. I’ve also been looking at more arm exercises because I saw that Heidi Klum has awesome cuts! I’ve also been learning to wear eye shadow. Haha late bloomer! I need to maximize my palette!

A few interesting photos from Pinterest:



CMF and I, behind us is a ship in the port of Subic. Cheers to 2015!



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