Helper or Hazard

What to do.

Our helper Rose isn’t really anyone’s ideal helper. She doesn’t clean well. She moves very slow and she doesn’t really do much. She’s about 300+ lbs (whenever I say that CMF looks at me like he wants to say I’m exaggerating but then realizes it’s true)

She’s a picky eater and used to finish our chocolates and candies in the fridge. It’s OK to have some but she eats them all.

We’ve had several moments of scolding her because she’s some what lazy. She forgets chores and sometimes just doesn’t do work.

Despite all that, she’s nice and quiet. She has her talkative moments but she’s quite moody too. She’s trust worthy and she’s never stolen anything. Well, at least I’m not missing anything.

Tonight’s incident is just too much for me. We heard an explosion when she was making dinner. Our fire detector went off then she was calling for us.

CMF and I rushed down stairs and saw her by the window pretending to cry while there was a burning pot on our sink. She wasn’t even trying to kill the fire! She was just there by the window pulling off some drama.

As much as I want to help her out, sometimes she’s just abusing our kindness and consideration. If I was the one who hired her, I probably would have let her go already. But it’s tough now since I have a full time job, and CMF is always out in the site or meetings. I hope things will change for the better when my mother in law comes back to Manila. Whatever better means – letting her go or improvement in her work, attitude and behavior.

I’ve prayed and slept over this and I don’t make decisions in haste nor entertain bad thoughts and act on them without thinking long and hard about it for at least a night and praying. Bit aince now, our safety is involved (1. She’s careless and a hazard, 2. she doesn’t know what to do in emergency situations even when it only calls for common sense) it’s teally a different matter.

Hay nako Rose. Wifi ka pa nang wifi.

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