Weird and Funny Family


Kuya called me last night sounding so worried. He asked where I was and if I’ve heard from Mom and Dad. They left the house at 1pm and haven’t picked up any of Kuya’s calls and text messages.

My parents are semi retired … they’re still running 2 small businesses and the family corporation. But most of the time they just hang out at home, Facebook and surf the net. Mom is active with her Marian church group and Dad is active with his highschool class get together and civic projects.

If they’re not doing those, they frequent Tagaytay to check out plants and Baguio for cooler weather. I’ll just find out through Mom’s FB that they are out of town. (I gave up on air travel with Mom … super kulit!)

So i told Kuya to calm down and I’ll try to call them.

After 1 ring Mom picked up. So I made patawa by making drama. She said I was so OA and that Dad left his phone in the car and they just got back to the parking and heading home.

That’s my message to Kuya. With silly comments from my niece Kirsten.

Family is lub!!!

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