Good bye HSBC!

I’ve had my HSBC Red Mastercard since I started working (2004 or so…)

Customer service has always been great. I was so happy with this card until 3 or 4 years ago. Looks like they down sized their call center operations. Before when I called their hotline, I never waited for an operator or whatever. And all my concerns were resolved with one call. Until their downsize, it takes at least 4 mins til someone picks up. That’s during office hours. Good luck with after work hours … It will take at least 7 mins for someone to pick up.

I won my first Longchamp LePliage Bag from a raffle in HSBC (2006?!) i didn’t get the voucher to claim immediately … I had to email and call several times. Until we figured out that their courier delivered the voucher to a different house … And a certain Rowena signed for it. They didn’t even ask for an id or what. Ang galing ng mailman!! The nice people in HSBC Makati did something about it so I was able to claim my bag.

For my rewards, I always donated it to charity since they had that option. Until when W and I had our own place, I decided to get a few small appliances. That’s where the shit started. I got an oven and small fan. I even had to add a small amount for the fan. I ordered it summer, like end of April. But i had to follow up about the voucher like 5 times. Rainy season na, wala pa rin yung voucher! Malas pa dun, customer service agents are so yabang and stupid. They dont wanna do call backs. Only one of them called me back. God bless her soul. Anyway. After that incident, i decided it’s time to cut the card. I’m not getting good customer service, rewards aren’t really rewarding – more of a punishment actually, and there’s really nothing special anymore for me about this card.

So maybe these shitheads heard my plans. Mysteriously, my billing statement for August 2014 didnt arrive on my email inbox. I didnt see it on my online banking account either. I called customer service and learned that there was a system glitch and i was unenrolled to my estatements. System glitch ah. And there’s no way to send it na daw via email. If i ask to send it to my office, i’ll have to wait for 3 banking days for approval and 10 banking days for it to arrive. So i just told them that i’ll wait for the statement but i wont pay for any late charges or whatever since that system glitch is not my fault. And i’ve expressed my intentions of cutting the card so hopefully this is the 2nd to the last call i’ll make to HSBC. The last one will be my sweet break up lol

So, good bye mudder fudders!! 10 years rin yun ah. I’m sick and tired of paying for your whatever fees. Sick and tired of your bullshit. And after all, it looks like finance rumors are true, HSBC might be the next to collapse hehe
Fuck you all HSBC!!


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