Stilts Calatagan

This place is awesome! Great staff and service too! My family and I stayed here for the weekend and had so much fun despite the weather.

When we arrived it was cloudy. It drizzled at around 5 when we were in the pool (which was kinda warm so hurray!). The winds got stronger a little before dinner. And the drizzle was kinda strong. We headed to the resto with towels since we couldn’t use umbrellas. Food is reasonably priced. Even more reasonable because it’s for sharing.

After dinner, we ordered beer at Php 65 per bottle. Not bad right? So my bros and husband drank moderately. The winds and rain were getting stronger but it was still a chill night.

I brought my Smart pocket wifi with me. 3g signal was strong even in our cottage. Same with Globe and Sun.

We’re definitely going back. Sobrang chill place talaga.








My mom has more photos. Mas naexcite sya eh haha she has photos of the cottage and rooms.

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