Fifth Season Spa, Astoria





W and I bought 4 deal coupons for a 90 minute hilot massage at Fifth Season Spa in Astoria Hotel Ortigas. We got them for Php 400 each. Original price is Php 900 if I’m not mistaken.

I’m really happy we bought them on discounted rates. I don’t think it’s worth Php 900, sorry.

Things to improve on:
1) carpet! It’s really dirty. Dirt stuck to our feet in the short time we switched from our shoes to their slippers.
2) tub! W rinsed before the massage … and the drain was kind of clogged. I washed my feet kasi nga the carpet was dirty, and i saw several strands of long hair in the tub. Yikes!
3) aircon … we asked the therapists to keep the temp not too low since we’re getting a massage. They kept lowering the temp. My hands and feet were really cold already but one of them still did despite me asking for a tad bit higher temp. Good thing we didn’t cramp up nga.
4) they didnt have hot beverage the first time we visited. Not even warm water. At least the next visit meron na. They even kinda found it awkward we asked what hot bevs they had.
5) our appointment was delayed by 40 mins on our 1st visit because one of their clients was late daw. Really unprofessional. Whats worse is they didnt inform us ahead of time that they will be adjusting our appointment. And people know how sensitive i am of schedules.
6) noise level. Both clients and therapists.
7) location. Its on the 3rd level and maybe the windows weren’t built with soundproofing in mind. We can hear the honks the cars in the street. There was even a nasty car alarm that wouldnt stop 😦

I’m not naninira or whatever, I was just sharing my experience and opinion. The massage was not bad naman. I guess a few things just really need to improve. Everything else was ok. From calling them to set an appointment to leaving the spa.

Now I wanna go to The Spa. Oh well 😊


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