What’s a good day?

Today! Today is a good day!

Woke up, had breakfast (1 big pan de sal with Specoolous hihi and 1 cup of rice milk). I watched tv, mainly Jamie Oliver, to get that brekkie down the tract. See! Good day eh?

Packed up for the gym and condo. Dressed up and walked for half a minute to the gym! Cmon, who gets to walk less than a minute to the gym? Hmm me and Auntie (the lady in the gym who lives across the street!). Good day!

Then I see a Porsche 911 parked. Wondering who’s the celeb upstairs … saw Kuya Josh (Kris Aquino’s son) and Doods! As in Edu Manzano! Haha woohooh! Star studded! Now we know stars also come out in the morning haha

Working out with Kuya Josh was awesome. I swear to cow, his work out isn’t so intense but he was really killing it! The best part is, no matter how hard an exercise is, the guy just smiles even if you see he’s really putting in effort! I told Coach Mark I’ll do that too. This is one of the best things I like about going to the gym and working out: a better and more positive attitude and trail of thoughts. Had enough? No. More good day shizz coming up.

I know I’d take a while cleaning the condo so I grabbed water and a banana at the store. Then took out a Jolly Hotdog for lunch. It’s not out of stock!!!


I never took this for granted so it wasn't a "you dunno what you've got til it's gone" thing

I organized a few things in the condo and then mopped the floor while it’s dry. This new mop we got is amazing. It’s better than a broom! I got so much dirt and dust off the floor and I haven’t even used it wet. Damn. Good day. I’m nesting.


If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!

I was singing at the top of my lungs while cleaning. My Spotify playlist on random is kicking ass! Today is just amazing.


Ang playlist na nakikisama

I’m on my lunch break now. I had the Jolly Hotdog and just chillin. I’ll continue washing the new dishes we have and stock then in the cupboards. Good daaay!

And then I’ll go for a shower. I miss the shower here in the condo. Oh I forgot to mention we now have a caddy mounted. Today is just awesome!!

The mother of all good days, I forgot!! I have a 4-day weekend!! I’ll spend that time in the gym and completing my online course at Stanford (CS101).

WHOOOHOOH!! It’s a good day!!


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