The Medical City – Gateway

I’ve had abdominal pain since last night. It went away for a while but this morning it was horrible. I had to take the day off since I feel so cold, weak and it just hurts.

I thought of going to TMC Robinsons Magnolia since it’s the closest from home but they don’t accept Intellicare yet.

I looked through Intellicare’s accredited clinics and saw that there’s another The Medical City satellite clinic near by, here in Gate Way Mall.

It’s been great so far. The clinic is big! And it’s really clean too. I got here and I was given my number. I sat down and texted W … well tried but my number was called! I filled up all the info sheets and waited til the doctor can see me. I played a game of Space Intruders and then what do you know … it was my turn. The doctor saw me and I’m just waiting for the results of my test. Dr. Gonzales wants to see me after my test and she’ll be here until 4pm so it all checks out. What to do now.

And then it dawned to me. Instead of shopping (because there’s Uniqlo, Rustans and a couple of sporting goods stores here), I’ll just get a pedicure because there’s Dashing Diva here! But first, a snack! I got a Whopper Jr. from Burger King. Oh yum! I’ve forgotten how good that tastes! Then W texts me that his tsinelas got pigtas. So I’m on a mission to look for el cheapo slippers for my husband too.

So now, I’m at Dashing Diva and walang tao hihi so I’m up! But don’t get me wrong. This thing still hurts and I’m eager to see the doctor after my test results are in.


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