Home Blessing

It was an awesome Saturday! We finally got the condo units blessed!

We invited immediate family members only as we wont fit in 46 sqm! Hehe 🙂 last Sunday, CMF and I went to Mt. Carmel Shrine and booked the liturgical service for Saturday.

Fr. Alwyn Sequiera was assigned to us. He’s a very sociable, fun and inspiring priest. He said he was happy to see sacred images in our place as others don’t bother to have them. I’m very thankful that my parents gave us our Holy Family and Mother Mary! CMF and I only bought crucifixes.


Thanks parents for these!!

We shared a few bites with our guests and Fr. Alwyn. We ordered pancit malabon, chicken lollipops and pichi pichi from Ambers. My folks brought puto also for snacks. And check out our fridge haha kulang na lang beer, bachelors pad na!


Soft drinks, ice tea and water

We took everyone to the Penthouse – Viewing Lounge and swimming pool at the 7th floor.


Traffic at Granada! The view from the 42nd floor Viewing Lounge


Kiesha really wanted to swim!

You have no idea how happy and very overwhelmed I was with yesterday’s event. It wasn’t grand but we’re all happy and feel blessed. Having family and God’s blessing in the condo was a really nice feeling. Yeah we felt tired but it was nothing compared to the joy of the event.

It’s funny how CMF and I really cleaned up before we left. I scrubbed the table and he mopped the floor haha I guess things are really different when you’re on your own. Good different.


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