Saturday Core Workout


View from my old yoga mat

A few years back, CMF got me a yoga mat to do my Pilates for Dummies exercises. Even if I didn’t do them regularly, it did me well because I didn’t have excess belly fat then hehe so today, it’s you and me yoga mat πŸ™‚


Real juice ah. Di kaya.

CMF also got a few juices in the groceries a few days back. I knew these aren’t real juice, cmon, it’s gonna cost more than what he paid for. But I love juice. That’s good enough for me.


I had Nestle Fitness for brekkie earlier today and used the almond milk. Unsweetened. Tastes super bad!! But I’ll get used to it. I can’t wait to try the rice milk.


House because I workout at Home lol

And yey. This got me pumpin up!! 😊

I said it this morning on Instagram, but I’ll say it again. as God is my witness, I will see you again, my obliques, in 2 months!!!


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