The Luxe Bus

Finally, after begging my dear husband to move a few of his Saturday morning meetings, we were able to join our friends for a short road trip to Tagaytay through The Luxe Bus!

W and I parked at North East Greenhills and walked to Petron, one of the pick up points/stop overs. We were 5 minutes early so we got to leave earlier. We were offered beverages but we thought of taking them later. Chikahan muna since we haven’t seen Ferdie and Angie in a while. Next stop was Shell Magallanes. Fecthed everyone! Joy, Gelo, Cyril, Len, Fermin and Bev.


The Luxe Bus - Awesome coffee!!

CMF asked for brewed coffee. I opted for his water since I didn’t want my bladder to be an inconvenience throughout the trip, but of course there’s a lavatory in The Luxe Bus!


The Luxe Bus Wood Finishing by Pateco

10 years with CMF, I think I got his habit of knocking on wood to check it out, feeling the texture of materials, etc. such an archi thing to do! But I’ve learned to appreciate the quality of materials used too. Check it out, the wood finishings in The Luxe Bus, including the locking drink and gadgets tray, are especially made by Pateco.


The Luxe Bus and my pata

They’ve got wifi on board! Not that you need it since there was also a movie while we were on board. 3 Idiots! It was an awesome movie! We were disappointed nga that we didn’t finish it on the first half of the trip. So don’t worry about being bored on board! In the latter part of the trip, we watched one of Beyonce’s concerts. Tonight, i’ll be your naughty girl!


Arch. Joy and Gelo Devanadera, Archs. Fermin and Beverlie Garcia in The Luxe Bus

I wasn’t able to take much photos but here are a few. This is us somewhere near SLEX. I wonder when we can all have time out again to hang out with these guys.


The beauty and brains behind The Luxe Bus: Arch. Angie Lu

Our gracious host, Arch. Angie Lu. She’s always fun to be with. Her laugh is contagious. Very professional and always smiling. I’m sure all The Luxe Bus clients had a breeze dealing with her and her team.


Heading home 😦

After brunch at Breakfast at Antonios. So sad we had to leave already.

When’s the next road trip? πŸ™‚


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