Up All Night

Ahehe sounds like an old pocket book eh? But no. I’m just up all night since I wasn’t feeling well later in the day, went home, snacked and went to bed at 630! Woke up at 9.

So anyway.

Last night we had dinner at Green Pastures. Food is ok but as usual, service sucks. It’s really difficult to get the attention of their servers. Forget it. Cyma na lang.

Driving home we passed by Mercury for my meds. We heard an insult about my husband’s profession on the radio from the DJ i’ve been finding really annoying and dumb recently. I went to her Twitter account and saw that she looks like how she talks. Hopeless. One day, you’ll get a lawsuit. Trust me. I wont make her patol kasi she’s not worth it. Pangit na, wala pang alam. Kawawa.

I thought i wont be able to sleep from all the organic dalandans i drank but yay i did!

Tonight, since we snacked early, i told W we’ll make padeliver Mcdo na lang when we’re hungry but he said Family Mart na lang across the street. Kaso lang i woke up at 9 right … and w fell asleep at 10ish. No more FM! 😦

To sleep, i’m wearing this Cotton On long sleeves. I wear this to work sometimes hehe its really comfy. But when the ac dies i think i’ll take these off.


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