Full Week

We were so tired this weekend.

So I usually come to work at 630am and leave at 330. We had so much planned this week … It was just so fun-filled that my legs still hurt. Hehe

Sunday – 90 minute hilot at Astoria plaza Hotel
Monday – i rested but CMF had basket
Tuesday – trinoma, 4th diode laser hair removal session at Wink. Then hung out with the IT guys at Taco Bell for a while
Wednesday – coffee, dinner and hung out with Die. Did my secret mission for Mum in powerplant
Thursday – ice skating and dinner with high school friends and kids and siblings, continuation of secret mission
Friday – resssst!!!
Saturday – dinner at Wild Ginger in Powerplant … Now we know why it’s always half empty in there. Tsk tsk

I wanna write about the dealgrocer hilot coupon we got but we still have 2 more each left. Next time na lang when we’ve used both.

Wild Ginger … I think too much hype lang or excited si cmf. It was either that or Franco’s last Wednesday. So we tried it Saturday but it was mundane. Serving is really small and ridiculous for the price. The chicken biryani was all spicy … Too spicy you dont get to taste much of the flavor despite the good amount of chicken. The beef rendang was ok but too spicy for cmf, only a few pieces of beef medyo bad parts pa… And the potatoes didnt really seem like potatoes, parang sweet potatoes pa ata. Anyway, yeah never again.

It’s gonna be hell of a busy week again. May booking na kami for tuesday! And we actually have a bit of chores for the month.



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