Today and Home Alone

This was brekkie (this explains why I was so hyper in the morning!

My friend JP came over last night for a short chat and brought us some crinkles and 2 cronuts. Me and sweets in the morning … very good for following up on projects 🙂

In the afternoon, the plan was to go to shangrila mall to get my hair treated and watch Xmen. Ahia cancelled so CMF and I didn’t bother watching the movie anymore.

So I went to Studio 546 and had my Keratin Express treatment. I was thinking no salon selfie the whole time but then it was my 1st treatment … ok 2nd. I had that treatment that didnt have an effect in Fix before (probably the reason why i avoided treatments for the longest time!). Kaya yun. Selfie. But of course I’m not that vain, i blurred myself.

I got myself a pair of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Honestly, I picked based on smell (ok and price!) … they just smell so good I can’t wait to use these tomorrow night. Yikes tomorrow night!

Tonight, CMF is out and will be home late. I was just reading a few blogs and now just listening to this awesome playlist on Spotify Totally Jazz: 90 Memorable Songs (Remastered) I like jazz. it’s accidental how i found this searching for 90s rhytm, blues, jazz. It’s just so relaxing and i kinda found myself singing to Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt … nice eh?


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